Clement Street Chinatown, San Francisco

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Clement Street Chinatown
Neighborhood of San Francisco
Clement Street in the Inner Richmond features many Chinese restaurants.
Clement Street in the Inner Richmond features many Chinese restaurants.
Clement Street Chinatown is located in San Francisco County
Clement Street Chinatown
Clement Street Chinatown
Location within San Francisco
Coordinates: 37°46′55″N 122°28′00″W / 37.78194°N 122.46667°W / 37.78194; -122.46667
 • Board of Supervisors David Chiu
 • State Assembly Tom Ammiano (D)
 • State Senate Mark Leno (D)
 • U.S. House Nancy Pelosi (D)
ZIP Code 94121
Area code(s) 415

The U.S. city of San Francisco has a "second" Chinatown (Chinese: 第二唐人街; pinyin: dì èr táng rén jiē) located on Clement Street (Chinese: 克莱门特街; pinyin: kè lái mén tè jiē) between Arguello Blvd and 25th Avenue in the Richmond District, though it is not exclusively Chinese.[1] According to another source, the name given by locals is "Second Chinatown" with the "Third Chinatown" on Irving Street and the "Fourth Chinatown" on Noriega Street. Starting from the late 1970s, the area is generally attractive to new Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong because of the neighborhood character.[2] The reason for these new Chinatowns as cited by the author is that there is overcrowding in the original Chinatown. While some may think that this Chinatown is a "western extension" of the Chinatown at Grant Avenue and Stockton Street, the people of Chinese ancestry are still "... merely a minority here." Other names given to this Chinatown are "Little East Asia" and "San Francisco's U.N."[3]


Historically, the Inner Richmond neighborhood had been an "... Irish and White Russian" enclave prior to World War II. After that, two waves of immigration from Japan "... added to the sizeable Chinese population." Since then, it has been referred to as the "New Chinatown" as early San Francisco residents wrote off Richmond as a "Great Sand Waste" between the city and the ocean.[4]


Clement Street in the Inner Richmond.

According to another article, the atmosphere of Clement Street is "cosmopolitan". Climate-wise, the area is "foggy" and "cold" as it is influenced by its proximity to the sea. [3]

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