Clementina de Jesus

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Clementina de Jesus
Birth name Clementina de Jesus da Silva
Born (1901-02-07)February 7, 1901
Origin Valença, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died July 19, 1987(1987-07-19) (aged 86)
Genres Samba
Occupations Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1963–1987

Clementina de Jesus (Clementine of Jesus) was a Brazilian samba singer born in Valença, Brazil, on February 7, 1901 and died in Rio de Janeiro on July 19, 1987.


Born in Carambita, district on the outskirts of Valencia, south of Rio de Janeiro,[1] at eight years old she moved with her family in Rio de Janeiro, in the district Osvaldo Cruz . For many years she followed the Portela Samba School; in 1940, after her marriage, she passed with Mangueira Samba School.

For more than 20 years she worked as humble maid, when in 1963 was discovered by the composer Hermínio Bello de Carvalho who asked her had to participate the show Rosa de Ouro, in some capitals of Brazil and made record their first record with Odeon Records.

She was celebrated from Elton Medeiros with the song Clementina, Cadê Você? and from Clara Nunes with PCJ, Partido Clementina de Jesus in 1977, written by the composer Candeia.

In 1983 was celebrated by many artists, including Paulinho da Viola, João Nogueira and Elizeth Cardoso, with a show at Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro.

Despite having had a career late and short, compared to that of many other artists, Clementina de Jesus is one of the most popular items known in Brazil for the carnival music and poor. He died of stroke to Santo André on July 19 of 1987.

She began her professional career when she was 63 and her distinctive voice can be heard on four solo albums as well as other recordings with well-known Samba artists such as Pixinguinha and João da Bahiana. Also for this reason, she was called in Brazil as mom.

She died for ictus on July 19, 1987.

Post mortem[edit]

Her only record that can be found today in stores is Clementina e convidados.



  • 1966 - Clementina de Jesus (Odeon MOFB 3463)
  • 1970 - Clementina, cadê você? (MIS 013)
  • 1973 - Marinheiro Só (Odeon SMOFB 3087)
  • 1976 - Clementina de Jesus - convidado especial: Carlos Cachaça (EMI-Odeon SMOFB 3899)
  • 1979 - Clementina e convidados (EMI-Odeon 064 422846)

With others[edit]

  • 1965 - Rosa de Ouro - Clementina de Jesus, Araci Cortes e Conjunto Rosa de Ouro (Odeon MOFB 3430)
  • 1967 - Rosa de Ouro nº 2 - Clementina de Jesus, Araci Cortes e Conjunto Rosa de Ouro (Odeon MOFB 3494)
  • 1968 - Gente da Antiga - Pixinguinha, Clementina de Jesus e João da Baiana (Odeon MOFB 3527)
  • 1968 - Mudando de Conversa - Cyro Monteiro, Nora Ney, Clementina de Jesus e Conjunto Rosa de Ouro (Odeon MOFB 3534)
  • 1968 - Fala Mangueira! - Carlos Cachaça, Cartola, Clementina de Jesus, Nélson Cavaquinho e Odete Amaral (Odeon MOFB 3568)
  • 1982 - O Canto dos Escravos - Clementina de Jesus, Tia Doca e Geraldo Filme - Canto dos Escravos (Vissungos) da Região de Diamantina - MG. Memória Eldorado.


  • 1999 - Raízes do Samba - Clementina de Jesus (EMI 522659-2)


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