The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World

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The Clements Checklist of the Birds of the World
Clements checklist cover.gif
The cover of the sixth edition
Author James F. Clements
Country U.S.
Language English
Publisher Cornell University Press
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback)

The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World is a book by Jim Clements which presents a list of the bird species of the world.

It is currently in its sixth edition (2007), and is being published by Cornell University Press. Previous editions were published by the author's own imprint, Ibis Publishing. A complete on-line update was issued by Cornell in November 2008. Since then, updates are posted on the website. These updates reflect the on-going changes to bird taxonomy based on published research. It is the official list used by the American Birding Association for birds globally. eBird also uses the Clements checklist as the base list for its eBird taxonomy, which also includes hybrids and other non-species entities reported by birders.

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