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Cleo au0702.jpg
Editor Lucy E. Cousins
Frequency Monthly
First issue November 1972
Company Bauer Media Group
Country  Australia
Language English

Cleo is an Australian, New Zealand, South African, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thailand and Indonesian women's magazine.

Aimed at an older audience than the teenage-focused Dolly, the magazine is known for its Cleo Bachelor of the Year award.

Cleo was the first Australian women's magazine to feature non-frontal nude male centrefolds in 1972, with Jack Thompson as the magazine's first Mate of the Month. Other mates were Alby Mangels, Eric Oldfield, Peter Blasina and the band Skyhooks. The centrefold feature was discontinued in 1985, the last being a bare-chested picture of Mel Gibson. The centrefold feature was reinstated in 2005 as a permanent feature of the magazine and has featured such celebrities as Daniel MacPherson, Jake Wall, Michael Sullivan, Shane Watson, Jamie Brooksby, Michael Witt and Koby Abberton.

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