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Cleveland Brown, Jr.
Family Guy / The Cleveland Show character
Cleveland Brown Jr.png
Cleveland Brown Jr. as he appears as of 2009
First appearance "Love Thy Trophy" (Family Guy)
Created by Seth MacFarlane
Voiced by
Full name Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Jr.[1]
Nickname(s) Junior
Spouse(s) Cecilia (legal wife)
Religion None

Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Jr. is a character in the animated television series Family Guy, and its spin-off series The Cleveland Show.[2] He is the son of Cleveland Brown and his late ex-wife Loretta. On Family Guy, he was depicted as slim and hyperactive; however, on The Cleveland Show he is shown to have undergone a marked transformation, both in terms of a significant increase in weight and a newly subdued personality. He was voiced by Mike Henry in Family Guy and by Kevin Michael Richardson in The Cleveland Show.

At fourteen years old, Junior is the only child of Cleveland and Loretta Brown, stepson of Donna Tubbs, and the stepbrother of Roberta and Rallo Tubbs. Junior's most prominent character traits are his laziness, obesity, and low social intelligence (although there are occasional references to him being academically bright). Since his parents' divorce, Loretta gave custody of Cleveland, Jr. back to Cleveland and forced him to move. Thus, the pair left for California. However, en route, they decided to live in Stoolbend, Virginia instead, where Cleveland married Donna Tubbs, and Rallo and Roberta became his step-siblings.

Role in The Cleveland Show[edit]

Cleveland Jr. is a frequent target of weight related jokes from a variety of characters in the series, in particular Rallo, his step-brother. When Rallo met Cleveland, Jr. and his father he would often call them "fat". In the second episode, Cleveland, Jr. served as a door in the bathroom so that he could earn his classmates' respect, which angered Cleveland. He also exudes a nervous and overly sensitive nature, and seems to have a fear of toasters as the toaster in his house scares and taunts him (akin to Chris and the monkey in his closet).

It is revealed in "Birth of a Salesman" that Cleveland, Jr. has repressed emotions from the divorce of his parents and has in fact never cried before. He has also revealed resentment towards his own mother, Loretta, for cheating on his father with Quagmire back in "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire". Feeling bad for the way they treated him, Roberta and Rallo help Cleveland, Jr. to express his sadness and at the same time the three of them accepted one another as family. In "The Hurricane!", Junior reveals that he had lost faith in God after learning from Loretta that he forgave for her adultery with Quagmire that lead to her divorcing Cleveland. He also states that he does not believe in God, but declines to label himself as an atheist. In later episodes he explicitly identifies as an atheist without any such qualification. Yet in "Mr. & Mrs. Brown", he tells Rallo that he is reading Blubber by Judy Blume because they don't have the Quran, implying that he's a Muslim.

Junior's obesity and low self-esteem makes it difficult for him to find friends. In "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance", he seems to become friends with Derek, Laine, Reggie and Kyle, although this is solely due to his agreeing to act as a replacement bathroom door as, in later episodes, Derek, Laine and Reggie continue to bully Junior, often under the lead of Oliver Wilkerson. In "The One About Friends", Cleveland, Jr. creates an actual friendship with Lester Krinklesac's son, Ernie. He shared a kiss with Laura Davis at the Stoolbend Community Church's chastity ball.

While Junior is not very active as he was in Family Guy, he has other hobbies; he enjoys doing chores and playing the tuba. Derek nominated him for student-council president as a joke, but, after saving Oliver Wilkerson's life, he won. Additionally, while he may not know much when it comes to social situations, he is quite academically intelligent.

A scene in a "A Rodent Like This" suggests that The Cleveland Show '​s Junior has a dark double life. He reveals to Rallo that he is a secret agent who killed the original Cleveland, Jr. (as drawn in Family Guy) in order to be placed in the Brown family. This gag is not followed up in later episodes, suggesting that it was either real or an elaborate prank on Rallo out of annoyance the latter was determined to find out what was in Jr.'s suitcase earlier in the episode that led to the top-secret organization.

Cleveland Brown Jr. is married to Cecilia, as shown in "Y Tu Junior También", to prevent her deportation.



Cleveland, Jr. debuted in the Family Guy season 2 episode "Love Thy Trophy", but only made a handful more appearances thereafter. He was presumably taken into Loretta's custody after she divorced Cleveland in "The Cleveland–Loretta Quagmire" and has since undergone a major character reinvention upon becoming a leading character in The Cleveland Show. After Cleveland and Loretta's divorce is finalized in the pilot episode of The Cleveland Show, Junior is placed in Cleveland's custody, and they move out of Quahog, Rhode Island to Stoolbend, Virginia where Cleveland rekindles a relationship with, and subsequently remarries, his high school sweetheart, Donna Tubbs.


Cleveland, Jr. in Family Guy.

In Family Guy Cleveland, Jr. is an active child of average size, but in The Cleveland Show he has aged, gained weight and appears potentially smarter. In Family Guy, he wears a purple T-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, but in The Cleveland Show, he wears a red T-shirt, blue shorts, sneakers and glasses.

Cleveland, Jr. was a minor character who had a short time with Peter Griffin in the episode, "Fore Father", where he showed a talent of playing golf. After that episode, he made short appearances later in the show, with his last on Family Guy at his father's supposed funeral, along with Loretta.


Kevin Michael Richardson voices Junior in The Cleveland Show.

Junior's voice is provided by Kevin Michael Richardson, who voices other characters on The Cleveland Show, including Lester Krinklesac, Julius, and P-Hound. In Family Guy, Junior's voice is provided by Mike Henry.

Richardson stated that he describes voicing Cleveland, Jr. as "a character he did on ER named Patrick, who was mentally impaired and wore a football helmet."[3] Before the show aired in 2009, the show's panel appeared at the 2009 Comic Con International, and held a discussion about the show. When describing Junior's change in physical appearance and age, Mike Henry said "Cleveland, Jr. really didn't have much to him and so he didn't appear for a while and so we sort of aged him up and made room for Rallo to be the younger one for a while."[4] The show's creators later gave an explanation of Junior's altered look in "A Rodent Like This."


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