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Cleversafe, Inc.
Privately held company
Industry Data Storage
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Number of employees

Cleversafe Incorporated is a privately held company based in the United States. Cleversafe sells an object storage system, which it calls the Dispersed Storage® Network or dsNet.[1] The Cleversafe dsNet is used for both private clouds and public clouds, for a range of storage applications including backup, business continuity, archiving, file sharing and cloud storage. Cleversafe’s target markets include Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, Storage as a Service, Advertising/Marketing/Corporate Communications, Federal Government, Photo sharing services, and Telecommunications.


Cleversafe was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2004 by S. Christopher Gladwin and was originally based in IIT's technology incubator.[2] Mr. Gladwin served as CEO from 2004 to 2013 when John Morris joined Cleversafe as President and CEO.

Products & Technology[edit]

The primary technical characteristics of the Cleversafe dsNet are as follows.

  1. The fact that it provides object storage
  2. The fact that data storage reliability is provided using erasure coding
  3. Data is addressed using a distributed namespace, which allows for scalability and limits single points of failure for I/O operations.

The Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Network consists of a combination of appliances of three types. The Slicestor appliances in a dsNet store fragments of data created from objects by applying erasure coding. These fragments are called slices in a dsNet. The use of erasure coding to transform objects into multiple such fragments makes the transformed data fault tolerant such that the loss of one or more fragments does not result in the loss of any data from the original object. The specific erasure coding method used by Cleversafe is Cauchy-Reed-Solomon.

This erasure coding function is performed by Accesser appliances, which receive object data and transform that data into a number of slices when object data is stored to the dsNet. When applications read objects from the dsNet, the Accessers retrieve the associated slices from multiple Slicestor appliances and recreate the original object data, returning it to the requesting application client.

The third type of appliance used to create a dsNet is the dsNet Manager which is used to configure, administer, operate, and monitor the dsNet.

The dsNet Manager, Accessers, and Slicestors are connected to one another and to the application clients that will read and write data to the dsNet using Ethernet. All of the appliances in a dsNet may be in the same location connected via a LAN or geographically distributed across multiple locations using a WAN between those locations.

To date Cleversafe has been awarded over 100 patents.[3]


  • 2013 Merrick Momentum Award[4]
  • 2013 Illinois Technology Association (ITA) City Lights Award[5]
  • Built in Chicago: Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago Award 2012[6]
  • Built in Chicago: Top 50 Digital Technology Companies in Chicago Award 2011[7]
  • Execullence Award for Best Disruptive Technology 2011[8]
  • Storage Visions 2009 Conference Professional/Prosumer System Award [9]
  • Chicago Innovation Awards 2008[10]
  • The Wall Street Journal's 2008 Technology Innovation Award for Software[11]
  • 2007 City Lights Newcomer Award[12]
  • Horizon Award[13]


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