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Limelight Networks
Industry Content Management
Predecessor Clickability, Inc.
Founded 1999
Headquarters San Francisco, California Flag of the United States.svg
Key people
Jeff Freund, VP and General Manager, Web Content Management Group
Products Web Content Management System

Clickability, Inc., a Web content management system (WCM) company founded in 1999, was acquired by Limelight Networks in May, 2011.[1] Limelight Networks WCM solution provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for web content creation, management, publishing, and analytics. Enterprise customers include NetApp, Amcor and Cantor Fitzgerald as well as media customers NBC, Gray Television, Tribeca Film Festival, CNN, PR Newswire, The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. Other news organizations use a subset of the company's interactive tools to augment their own content management systems.

Clickability's product, the On-Demand Web Content Management Platform, won the 2008 CODiE Award for "Best Content Management Solution."[2] It was named to the 2008-2009 Econtent 100 list[3] and was named in the 2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies list by Lead411.[4]

Clickability hosts many news service's domains using CNAME records pointing to itself, rather than a utilizing a full website with its own full domain. This is done under the "clickability" domain for the purpose of making websites unreachable if a user has ad-blocking software installed that blocks clickability's ads by blocking its domain. While this was anticipated to force users to view unwanted advertisements, in many cases it has instead resulted in the websites hosted under the clickability domain (instead of their own domain) to become inaccessible themselves. There is no easy fix for this problem at present, short of individually listing each site, or just letting them all remain blocked.