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Clifford Lewis Tucker (18 December 1912 - 21 May 1993) was a British industrial relations executive, magistrate and politician.

He was educated at Monmouth School and St David's College, Lampeter. One of his first jobs after graduation was for Imperial Chemical Industries, but he moved, in 1946, to British Petroleum, and was loyal to that company until his retirement.

From an early age, Tucker was involved with the British Labour Party and was elected successively as a Labour representative to the councils of Stepney, St Pancras and Camden. He was also a Justice of the Peace (JP) and from 1978 to 1981 he was deputy chair of the Inner London Magistrates.

His partner of 35 years was the gay-rights activist and literary critic A.E. Dyson.[1] Dyson followed Tucker's wishes and bequeathed the proceeds of their Hampstead home to Tucker's alma mater, which had become the University of Wales, Lampeter. As a result, there is now a scholarship for a Research Degree in History at the university named in Tucker's honour. In 1996, the construction of the new Cliff Tucker Lecture Theatre was also funded by the bequest, a public lecture series started in the Autumn of 2005, and a Dyson Fellowship in Poetry also launched that year.


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