Clifty Creek Power Plant

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Clifty Creek Power Plant
Clifty Creek Power Plant is located in Indiana
Clifty Creek Power Plant
Location of Clifty Creek Power Plant
Country United States
Location Madison, Indiana
Coordinates 38°44′16″N 85°25′08″W / 38.73778°N 85.41889°W / 38.73778; -85.41889Coordinates: 38°44′16″N 85°25′08″W / 38.73778°N 85.41889°W / 38.73778; -85.41889
Status Active
Commission date Unit 1: February 1955
Unit 2: May 1955
Unit 3: July 1955
Unit 4: October 1955
Unit 5: November 1955
Unit 6: March 1956
Owner(s) Ohio Valley Electric Corporation
Power generation
Primary fuel Subbituminous coal
Nameplate capacity 1,303 MWe

Clifty Creek Power Plant is a 1.3-GW coal-fired power station located in Madison, Indiana, USA. Five of its six identical units began operating in 1955,[1] the sixth unit was launched in 1956.[2] It has two of the tallest chimneys in the world, at 300 metres (980 ft) with another recently completed dual-flue chimney that stands at around 285 metres (935 ft).

Environmental impact[edit]

With all of its units dating back to mid-1950s, the plant ranked 49th on the United States list of dirtiest power plants in terms of sulphur dioxide emissions per megawatt-hour of electrical energy produced in 2006.


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