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Motto come together
Established 2007
Founder Greg Dalton
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA

Climate One is a branch of The Commonwealth Club of California based in San Francisco, California. It aims to bridge the gap between business leadership and sustainability through discussions about strong action and climate change.[1] Founded in 2007 by Greg Dalton, it is a leading public affairs forum dedicated to the exclusive coverage of energy, environment and the economy.


Vice President of The Commonwealth Club of California, Greg Dalton had worked at the Club for 6 years, holding discussions with a variety of people including former CEO of AT&T Ed Whitacre, Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, and 9/11 Commissioners Slade Gorton and Richard Ben-Veniste, prior to starting Climate One.

While hosting a global warming symposium sponsored by The Commonwealth Club of California with academic experts and journalists around the Arctic Circle, Dalton decided to form Climate One, a branch of the Club that focuses on sustainability measures.[2]

Speakers and programs[edit]

The organization hosts multiple talks throughout the year in the San Francisco office.

Past speakers at Climate One include:


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