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A clinic escort is a person who volunteers at an abortion clinic to help guide patients and staff into and out of the building. They serve to shield clients from pro-life demonstrators at the site. They do so by talking to them and distracting the patients from the demonstrators' shouts and signs. The main duties of a clinic escort include: monitoring, tracking and reporting picketer activity; ensuring protesters are not blocking patient/car entry; acting as welcoming presence for guests; directing visitors to destination quickly and efficiently; and being ready to respond with the offer of an escort should a patient arrive on foot. Escorts are told to interact with hostile protesters/visitors in a calm and non-confrontational manner at all times.[1] [2] Escorts in the United States sometimes wear orange vests labelled "clinic escort".[3][4][5]

One clinic escort has died as a result of anti-abortion violence. On June 29, 1994, clinic escort James Barrett was shot dead, along with Dr. John Britton, outside of a clinic in Pensacola, Florida by former pastor Paul Jennings Hill.[6] Hill was later sentenced to death.


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