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Clint Morris
Born Clinton James Morris
Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.
Occupation Publicist, producer, journalist, screenwriter
Years active 1999 – present

Clint Morris is an entertainment writer, publicist and producer. He is the chief executive operator of publicity and publishing firm October Coast, a partner in October Coast Entertainment and a partner in the production company Shorris Film, with producing credits including Radio America[1] and Complacent.

Early life[edit]

Clint Morris is the eldest of the two children of Robert and Heather Morris, both natives of Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.

Morris, having developed a keen interest in film and media at a young age, spent his teenage years working at drive-in theaters, video stores and at radio stations, where he'd begin his career as a broadcast journalist.


Morris attended North Shepparton Secondary College in Shepparton.

Morris was a finalist valedictorian at college, graduating with a bachelor of business. He also holds advanced diplomas in Advertising and Marketing, and a certificate in Commercial Radio announcing.

Journalist career[edit]

Morris began his career as a radio announcer at several Victorian radio stations in the mid nineties, before beginning work as a writer for NW Magazine in 1999. He has since written for such publications as Hotdog, Ralph, Zoo, WhatDVD, Alpha and Blockbuster Interaction.

Morris said of his entrance into journalism:

I believe I was about 16 or 17 when I started reviewing for local radio, which led to a regular gig as a radio announcer for a few years, if only because I was the only film fanatic in country Victoria that knew his Cimino’s from his Friedkin’s. No matter which station I ended up at, I’d always end up saddling the film reviewing job. I didn’t complain. I even got to see Sliver a few days before release. But the experience on radio led to some reviewing work with a couple of newspapers and magazines and a TV show. By the time I was 21 I was working in marketing and publicity, but I never let the film reviewing go completely.[2]

Filmmaking career[edit]

After working on a contract basis on several studio pictures as a producer and screenwriter, Morris decided to officially enter the film-making world, joining actor and filmmaker Christopher Showerman to form Shorris Film, a Los Angeles based independent film production company.

Morris and Showerman's first film was the western Between the Sand and the Sky starring Showerman, Dee Wallace and Muse Watson.[3]

Morris went on to produce such films as Complacent starring Cerina Vincent and Keri Green and Radio America.[4]

Over his career, Morris has worked with names including Alec Baldwin to Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Patrick Lussier, Patrick Swayze and James Cromwell.

Morris co-produced Vitals in 2014.

October Coast[edit]

Morris had freelanced and moonlighted as an agent and publicist for several years before opening October Coast, a full-service public relations and publishing firm in March 2012.

In its short life, the company has handled a range of high-profile publications, noteworthy entertainment industry personnel, special events—including the Michael J. Fox Visionaries tour, and feature films.

Morris currently serves as the chief executive operator of the company, directly handling such clients as Charlene Amoia, Kristina Anapau, Jacqui Holland, Claudia Wells, Corey Jackson, Manu Toigo, Jim Piddock, Jared Ward and Armani Wells in Los Angeles.

Producer credits[edit]

  • Vitals (2014)
  • Condition Dead (2014) (in development)
  • Room & Board (2013) (associate producer)
  • Bristled (2013)
  • Knockout (2013)
  • Radio America (2012)
  • Top Priority : The Terror Within (2012) – also publicist
  • Complacent' (2010)
  • Rampage (2010)
  • A Lonely Place for Dying (2008)
  • Dead Country (2008)
  • Between the Sand and the Sky (2008)
  • Raiders of the Damned (2007; video)
  • Traveller : Red (2006; video) – also voice
  • Shortcut to Happiness (2004)
  • The Lion King 2 : Simba's Pride (1998) – assistant


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