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Clip or CLIP may refer to:


  • Hair clip, a device used to hold hair together or attahcing materials such as caps to the hair
  • Binder clip, a device used for holding thicker materials (such as large volumes of paper) together
  • Paper clip, a device for holding several sheets of paper together
  • Crocodile clip, a temporary electrical connector
  • Circlip, a semi-flexible metal ring fastener used to hold a pin in place
  • Roach clip, a holder used for smoking a marijuana cigarette
  • Bread clip, a device for closing bags
  • Rail clip, a rail fastener
  • Fastener used on a badge or name tag


Molecular and computational biology[edit]

  • Class II-associated invariant chain peptide, the part of the invariant chain that binds MHC class-II groove
  • Corticotropin-like intermediate peptide, an endogenous neuropeptide
  • CLIP, crosslinking immunoprecipitation, a method using UV-induced covalent bond formation between protein-RNA complexes to allowing in vivo footprinting of interaction sites.
  • HITS-CLIP, high-throughput sequencing, crosslinking and immunoprecipitation CLIP, allowing genome-wide analysis of protein-RNA interaction sites.


  • Clip, a sheet of metal on an automobile extending from the firewall forward; also called the doghouse
  • Clip, the subframe that attaches the engine and front suspension of an automobile to the body

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