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ClipBook Viewer
A component of Microsoft Windows
ClipBook Viewer icon.PNG
ClipBook Viewer screenshot.PNG
ClipBook Viewer, with the words "Hello world!" on the clipboard
Other names Clipboard Viewer
Type Clipboard manager
Included with Windows Server 2003 R2 and earlier

ClipBook Viewer, or Clipboard Viewer on Windows 9x and earlier, (ClipBrd.exe) is a utility included in Microsoft Windows that allows users to view the contents of the local clipboard, clear the clipboard or save copied and cut items. It allows users to save the clipboard contents to a file and reuse them later and share them with other users.

On Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT-based operating systems, the utility can also connect to other computers on the network using NetDDE to transparently exchange data. The View menu allows viewing copied text in various formats such as plain text, Unicode, HTML, RTF, OLE private data and other formats. On Windows 9x and older, DOS-based versions of Windows, it is a 16-bit program.

ClipBook Viewer has been removed from Windows Vista and later Windows versions, but it is possible to copy it from an earlier version and run it on these newer versions.[1]

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