Clive River

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Clive River
Basin countries New Zealand
Length 33km
Mouth elevation 0m

The Clive River is a river in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.[1] At 33 kilometers long, it is the shortest one of the main rivers flowing through the Heretaunga Plains. The Clive River occupies the former course of the Ngaruroro River, which in 1867 changed flow to its present course during major flooding.[2]

Getting most of its drainage from irrigation ditches around the Heretaunga Plains, the river starts from the west of Flaxmere (just south of the Ngaruroro River), where it flows south-east, west of Hastings before making a sharp, right angle turn towards Havelock North. The river then flows north-east past Havelock North, where it is known as the Karamu Stream, and again flowing past Hastings, this time to the east of Hastings. The river finally turns in an east direction there it flows past the town of Clive and into the Pacific Ocean.

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Coordinates: 39°34′22″S 176°55′30″E / 39.5727°S 176.9250°E / -39.5727; 176.9250