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ClockworkMod is a software developer which offers various Android apps.[1] It is primarily known for its custom recovery, commonly referred to as CWM (ClockworkMod) Recovery, used in many custom made ROMs. Once flashed, this recovery replaces the stock recovery of your Android phone. Using this recovery you can then do various system level operations on your phone, such as create and restore images backups of your phone, flash a portion of or an entire custom ROM, and use other developer tools.

They also provide the following apps:

  • ROM Manger: An app to backup/restore NANDroid backups
  • Tether: An app used for tethering regardless of carrier based tethering plans
  • Helium: An app used to backup user and system data on your phone without the need for root
  • DeskSMS: An app to send and receive text messages from your email, browser, or instant messenger client

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