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This article is about a telecommunications company. For the cloud-based IDE, see Cloud9 IDE.
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Basingstoke,
United Kingdom
Parent Bluemango Technologies

Cloud9 is a bespoke mobile network service provider based in the United Kingdom that offers low cost callback roaming services.


Cloud9, was originally part of the Wire9 Telecom Plc group of companies which acquired GSM and 3G Mobile Operator Government licenses in both the Isle of Man & Gibraltar in 2007 and were then further offered a GSM operator’s license in Jamaica. The platform was one of the very first next generation convergent IP networks that also combined IP (Session Initiation Protocol aka SIP) and GSM calling through one combined number with the benefit of low cost roaming, GSM mobile and VOIP telephony:[1]

During roll-out of the GSM networks the then owner, Lee Jones, was approached by Romain Zaleski, the Franco-Polish financier and Billionaire investor, who acquired a controlling interest in the business for an undisclosed seven figure sum.

The first stage of Cloud9's Isle of Man mobile network launch was limited to consumers who had registered on the Cloud9 website, and included a cutting edge low-cost roaming solution via Wi-Fi Hotspots, along with a secondary proprietary low-cost USSD call-back system to avoid traditionally high roaming call costs - both designed by the group founder, Lee Jones, who also developed the original idea and interconnect billing/intelligent network sub-system which made Cloud9 unique as a next generation mobile operator. The radio network in the Isle of Man was later withdrawn due to coverage issues after initial launch in the summer of 2007, with customers being offered a refund on any purchased equipment. The company however planned to re-launch the network, but later withdrew from the Isle of Man. Following a sale of the Cloud9 Group by Lee Jones in September 2007, Cloud9 invested further in its mobile networks but eventually Cloud9 sold off the Gibraltar operation and withdrew from the Isle of Man, leaving just Manx Telecom and Sure (Cable & Wireless).

Cloud9 Communications Limited was then formed after the purchase of the assets of the Wholesale portion of Cloud9 IoM which provided Global Roaming Service and is now a UK based company which continues to offer a custom roaming solution to users around the world. It is now a part Blue Mango Technologies.

Other locations[edit]

Other territories originally planned for future roll-out included Gibraltar and Jamaica but due to the many issues the global roaming business is all that continued trading.


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