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Cloudball is an international artificial intelligence programming contest hosted by Giraff, and sponsored by Microsoft. Cloudball was primarily written by two students from KTH in Stockholm.

The competition had its first round in Spring 2012 and finished on June 15.


Cloudball is a programming competition, all development is done in C#. Cloudball is a high level competition, with more focus on the tactics, and less on low level programming.

The goal is to program a soccer team against a predefined rule-set, consisting of a playing field, and 12 players. The game plays a number of time steps, and for each step, the teams are asked for an action.

Making a team[edit]

Teams in Cloudball are specified as classes, and are intended to be very easy to implement. Using the supplied Common library, a minimal team may be as short as this:

using Common;
namespace MyTeam {
    public class ExampleTeam : ITeam {
        public void Action(Team myTeam, Team enemyTeam, Ball ball, MatchInfo matchInfo) {
            foreach (Player player in myTeam.Players){
                if (ball.Owner == player)                   //If this player has the ball shoot towards the goal, at maximum strength!
                else if (player.CanPickUpBall(ball))        //If the ball is in range, pick it up.
                else player.ActionGo(ball);                 //Worst case just go for the ball

Past Competitions[edit]

Contest 1st 2nd 3rd
2012/spring Ice Harley, Ukraine Delineate, US Coachbudka, Canada


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