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Clowdy Ltd
Clowdy logo
Type Private Company
Founded 2013
Headquarters Manchester, United Kingdom
Area served Worldwide
Slogan(s) Don't be limited. Get your head in the Clowds.
Type of site Media sharing site
Registration Required, Use of Facebook identity is an option
Available in English
Launched April 2013 (Invite only), October 2013 (Live)
Current status Active (Servers are currently up)[1]

Clowdy is an online media sharing platform that allows the sharing of film, music and photographs all in the same place. It has no upload limits and removes the common restriction of only allowing one media type on the site by encouraging quality creative content regardless of format. A Clowd is a "digital store of your song, video, photo or file".[2]

The site serves the same interface and platform for both of its users, namely artists (musicians, artists, photographers, animators), allowing for publishing and consuming content. Clowdy users have the ability to Re-Clowd[3] films, music or photos that they find interesting. They also can follow[4] other users of the site and this forms the backbone of the sharing element of the site. Each user will see a different 'Home' page dependent upon who they are following. The site is free of advertisements.

A typical video Clowd Page.

It officially opened its doors in April 2013 under an invite only basis, but went fully live in October of that year. It is run by the former owners of YouTorrent citing "...the stigmatisation of the word torrent proved a hurdle that was too hard to overcome when trying to build a legitimate and legal platform."[5] Clowdy's office is located in the Corn Exchange, Manchester.

Clowdy also have an app for Apple IOS users and an app for android. [6]

In March 2014, Clowdy launched a short film contest for UK students, called Clowdy Shorts.[7] The winner was announced as University of Portsmouth's Dan Rogers. [8]

In July 2014, Clowdy was voted as Winner of the UK Creative Business Cup. [9]


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