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Club 3D B.V.
Private company
Industry Semiconductor
Founded 1997 (Club 3D since 2005)
Products Graphics cards
Sound cards
TV tuner cards
Slogan Play your cards Right!

Club 3D, founded in 1997 as Colour Power (Club 3D since 2005), is a Dutch brand of video cards and digital multimedia products such as TV tuner cards and digital sound cards for PCs, featuring partners such as AMD and NVIDIA and their graphic chipsets and technologies.


Pioneers in the introduction of the first graphics cards from S3 Graphics, 3dfx, ATI Technologies and NVIDIA. Previously the only privately owned company in the world that officially sold AMD/ATI and NVIDIA under one brand.[citation needed]

  • 2001 – Pioneers at being the first AIB (Add-in-Board) for ATI/AMD. Launched ATI AIB solutions at Computex, 2001.
  • 2001 – Branch office in Germany for the DACH market
  • 2003 – Official partnership with S3 Graphics
  • 2003 – Official partnership with XGI Technologies
  • 2004 – Generated an excess of 900,000 retail unit sales of ATI Technologies video card graphics adapters
  • 2006 – Official partnership with NVIDIA Corporation
  • 2006 – Launched Theatron products, range of sound cards
  • 2007 – Launched VAX Barcelona bag accessories range
  • 2010 – Official launch of the accessories division
  • 2011 – Official launch of high end 80 plus switching power supplies division
  • 2011 – Official launch of SenseVision division, USB powered video graphics adapters
  • 2013 - Drops NVIDIA support and commits to AMD only.[1]
Club 3D Headquarters in the Netherlands.


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