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Club Disco
Studio album by Dannii Minogue
Released 5 November 2007 (UK)
27 May 2008 (Australia)
Genre Dance-pop , Nu disco
Length 74:02 - UK Digital Edition
73:18 - OZ Physical Edition
Label All Around the World
Producer Thriller J, Jake Schulze, Rob Davis, Roger Sanchez, Lee Monteverde, Jewels & Stone, Flower Power, Soul Seekerz
Dannii Minogue chronology
Club Disco
The Early Years
Singles from Club Disco
  1. "You Won't Forget About Me"
    Released: 25 October 2004
  2. "Perfection"
    Released: 17 October 2005
  3. "So Under Pressure"
    Released: 12 June 2006
  4. "I Can't Sleep at Night"
    Released: 8 January 2007
  5. "He's the Greatest Dancer"
    Released: 14 April 2007
  6. "Touch Me Like That"
    Released: 3 December 2007

Club Disco is the fifth studio album by Australian singer Dannii Minogue. It was released by All Around the World as a digital download on 5 November 2007.[1] A double disc was released in Australia on 27 May 2008 which included a bonus CD of remixes and "Touch Me Like That" as the first track. The heavily 80s disco inspired album had six singles, "You Won't Forget About Me", "Perfection", "So Under Pressure", "I Can't Sleep at Night", "He's the Greatest Dancer" and "Touch Me Like That" five of which, reached number one on the UK Dance Chart.

Album background[edit]

After the success of her previous album Neon Nights, Minogue was asked by All Around the World Records, a major dance label, if she would write the lyrics to a popular dance instrumental track called "Flower Power", which was a huge hit in clubs in Ibiza. Minogue agreed and wrote the lyrics to the song that would soon become "You Won't Forget About Me". About writing lyrics for the song Minogue said: "I'd heard it without vocals and I thought, 'Fantastic'. I had already written loads of vocals for myself and knew I had something that would be perfect for it."[2]

In 2005, Minogue began writing and recording material with longtime collaborator Terry Ronald and British dance group LMC. During one of their sessions, they penned "So Under Pressure", which was inspired by the cancer diagnoses of her sister Kylie Minogue as well as that of an unnamed friend. Minogue has described the recording of "So Under Pressure" as a "real achievement" as she was "brave enough to put all [her feelings] into words".[3]

The working title for the album was Heavy Disco after the line in the song "Feel Like I Do". After eight of the tracks from the Heavy Disco sessions were included on Minogue's compilation The Hits & Beyond plus two b-sides on the singles 'Perfection and 'So Under Pressure, the title was changed and the tracks were also later included on Club Disco.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Touch Me Like That (vs. Jason Nevins)"   Jason Nevins, Lisa Molina, Sylvester James, James Wirrick Jason Nevins 3:28
2. "Feel Like I Do" (JCA Remix) Dannii Minogue, Jean-Claude Ades, Hannah Robinson Jean-Claude Ades 3:51
3. "Perfection (with Soul Seekerz)" (12" Mix) Minogue, Rob Davis, Therese Grankvist, Julian Napolitano, Simon Langford, Peter Jackson, Gerald Jackson Soul Seekerz 6:25
4. "You Won't Forget About Me (vs. Flower Power)"   Minogue, Bruce Elliot-Smith, Peter Hammond, Stefano Mazzacani, Andrea Jeannin, Robinson Flower Power 3:44
5. "Love Fight"   Minogue, Savan Kotecha, Jake Schulze The Location 3:05
6. "I'm Sorry"   Minogue, Kotecha, Schulze The Location 3:25
7. "Gone"   Minogue, Terry Ronald, Lee Monteverde, Michael Ward LMC 3:57
8. "So Under Pressure"   Minogue, Ronald, Monteverde, Ward LMC 3:53
9. "Good Times" (The Fourty4s' 7" Mix) Minogue, Klas Wahl, Georgios Nakas, Carl Olsson, Grankvist, Per Stappe The Fourty4s 4:09
10. "Sunrise"   Julian Gingell, Barry Stone, Minogue, Davis Jewels & Stone, Rob Davis 3:31
11. "He's the Greatest Dancer" (LMC Radio Edit) Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards LMC 3:05
12. "I Can't Sleep at Night"   Gingell, Stone, Minogue, Davis Jewels & Stone, Rob Davis 3:28
13. "I Will Come to You"   Nina Woodford, Minogue, Davis Rob Davis 3:54
14. "I've Been Waiting for You"   Ian Masterson, Ronald, Minogue Thriller Jill 4:36
15. "Round the World"   Minogue, Ian Masterson, Ronald Thriller Jill 3:33
16. "Do You Believe Me Now?* (with Roger Sanchez)"   Roger Sanchez Roger Sanchez 4:10
17. "Xanadu"   Jeff Lynne Thriller Jill 5:44
18. "You Won't Forget About Me" (Afterlife Lounge Mix Edit) Minogue, Elliot-Smith, Hammond, Mazzacani, Jeannin, Robinson Flower Power 3:36
19. "I Can't Sleep at Night" (Afterlife Lounge Mix Edit) Gingell, Stone, Minogue, Davis Jewels & Stone, Rob Davis 5:44
  • "Do You Believe Me Now?" is not included on the Australian edition and "Touch Me Like That" is included instead as the opening track with the rest of the songs following.[4]

Australian Bonus Remix Disc[edit]

  1. "Touch Me Like That" with Jason Nevins (Stonebridge Club Mix)
  2. "He's the Greatest Dancer" (Shapeshifters Remix)
  3. "Perfection" with Soul Seekerz (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel Remix)
  4. "So Under Pressure" (Soul Seekerz Extended)
  5. "You Won't Forget About Me" with Flower Power (Discode Club Mix)
  6. "I Can't Sleep at Night" (Kenny Hayes Sunshine Funk Mix)
  7. "Touch Me Like That" with Jason Nevins (Space Cowboy Remix)
  8. "He's the Greatest Dancer" (Riffs & Rays Remix)
  9. "Perfection" with Soul Seekerz (Koishii & Hush Remix)
  10. "So Under Pressure" (Steve Pitron Remix)

Australian iTunes bonus track[edit]

  1. "Do You Believe Me Now?" with Roger SanchezIncorrectly labeled as "Do You Believe In Me" (Roger Sanchez remix)

Bonus footage[edit]

All bonus footage appears on the 7digital bundle version of Club Disco.

  1. "So Under Pressure" (Music Video)
  2. "I Can't Sleep at Night" (Music Video)
  3. "Perfection" (Music Video)
  4. "You Won't Forget About Me" (Music Video)

Release history[edit]

Release format Country Label Release date
Digital download United Kingdom All Around The World 5 November 2007
Physical edition Australia Central Station 27 May 2008


  • Artwork By - Central Station Records
  • Other [Dannii Minogue Worldwide Representation] - Melissa Le Gear, Nathan Smith
  • Other [Legal] - Mark Klemens
  • Other [Personal Assistant To Dannii Minogue] - Tori King
  • Other [Very Special Thanks To] - George Nakas (Forty Four's), Ian Masterson (Thriller Jill), Jake Schultz (The Location), Rob Davis, Terry Ronald (Thriller Jill)
  • Photography - Cody Burridge
  • Photography [Additional] - Andrew Hobbs
  • Producer - Lee Monteverde (tracks: 1-07, 1-08, 1-11), Rob Davis (tracks: 1-10, 1-12, 1-13), Thriller Jill (tracks: 1-14, 1-15, 1-16)


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