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The descriptive name of "Clubhouse" was taken from the original language that was used to communicate the work and vision of the first Clubhouse, Fountain House in New York City, which started in 1948. As the first community of its kind, Fountain House has served as the model for all subsequent Clubhouses that have developed around the world.

Fountain House began when former patients of a New York psychiatric hospital began to meet together informally, as a kind of "club". It was organised to be a support system for people living with mental illness, rather than as a service or a treatment program. Fountain House also clearly distinguished itself from other programs by its insistence that members and staff work together, side-by-side, as peers and partners, in every function of the Clubhouse operation. Communities around the world that have modeled themselves after Fountain House have embraced the term "Clubhouse”, because it clearly communicates the message of membership and belonging. This message is at the very heart of the Clubhouse way of working.[1][2]



  • Clubhouse Games, or 42 All-Time Classics, a compilation game for the Nintendo DS