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Clucking Blossom is a free all-ages festival in Fairbanks, Alaska that combines art, and music. Its stated goal is to bring community together and create new bridges of communication. One of the original seeds that created the event was a frustration that local bar audiences were unaware of the talent of bands containing members who were under 21, and that fans under 21 couldn't attend most shows. Clucking Blossom is a free All ages event running from noon till midnight with many art inspired events and experiences that engage the viewer such as the interactive art-walk. Games, activities and all things free (there is usually a freecycle area to take/ leave and in 2011 was sponsored and maintained by local Americorps members) are welcome. The festival is free because many volunteers donate their time and there are fundraisers around the year to add to a fund that pays for expenses such as security, port-a-potties, sound equipment rental and the fee to rent the venue.

The first Clucking Blossom[1] was held in May 2005 at the Dog Musher's Hall. Clucking Blossom 2006 was at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds. Clucking Blossom 2007 took place on May 19 at Birch Hill Ski Center. Clucking Blossom 2008 had the theme "Work It!" and featured sustainable building and energy workshops as well as music and performance. The festival took place May 17 at the Birch Hill Recreation Center. Clucking Blossom 2009 took place May 31 at the Birch Hill Recreation Center. It featured an art walk, and workshops including stress relief for children, yoga, youth activism, and circuit bending. 2011 enjoyed a diverse lineup including "Hallucimoose" from Valdez, "The Fastest Bear" and "The Jeffries" from Anchorage and "Intuition" from Los Angeles. In 2013, Clucking Blossom was held at the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds and featured "Big Mama Lele and the Juicy Jugs" from Whitehorse, Canada, among many local favorites.


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