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Presented by James Bellini (1990)
Chris Tarrant (1991)
Richard Madeley (1992-3)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 25 (inc. 1 Xmas special)
Running time 30mins (inc. adverts)
50mins (Xmas special)
Production company(s) Granada in association with Waddingtons Games and Action Time
Distributor ITV Studios
Original channel ITV
Picture format 4:3
Original run 25 July 1990 (1990-07-25) – 24 May 1993 (1993-05-24)
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Cluedo was a UK television game show based on the board game of the same name. Each week, a reenactment of the murder at the stately home Arlington Grange of a visiting guest was played and, through a combination of interrogating the suspects (of whom only the murderer could lie) and deduction, celebrity guests had to discover who committed the murder, which of six weapons (not usually the original six from the board game) and in which room it was committed, whilst viewers were invited to play along at home.


Character Season 1 (1990) Christmas Special (1990) Season 2 (1991) Season 3 (1992) Season 4 (1993)
Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock Stephanie Beacham Kate O'Mara Rula Lenska Susan George Joanna Lumley
Col. Mike Mustard Robin Ellis David Robb Michael Jayston Lewis Collins Leslie Grantham
Rev. Jonathan Green Robin Nedwell Derek Nimmo Richard Wilson Christopher Biggins Nicholas Parsons
Prof. Peter Plum Kristoffer Tabori Ian Lavender David McCallum Tom Baker John Bird
Ms. Vivienne Scarlett Tracy Louise Ward Toyah Wilcox Koo Stark Lysette Anthony Jerry Hall
Mrs. Blanche White June Whitfield Joan Sims Mollie Sugden Pam Ferris Liz Smith
James Bellini
Chris Tarrant
Richard Madeley


Series 1[edit]

This first series set had a blue and white theme with the suspects having to walk down ramp and steps to arrive at their seats with the teams sitting in a high rise area with white triangular desks. In this series, each team is made up of one celebrity and an expert in a field linked to murder in some way. As well as the Christmas special, there are 300 members of the studio audience to which some are seen in the background risers behind the teams and the suspects and vote halfway during the show to see who they think the killer was. Reverend Green was the only suspect not to be the killer while Mrs Peacock was the killer twice. In episodes suspects reasons for murder are not present or relevant.

Episode Episode title Details Teams Weapons Solution
1 Countdown It's the annual fun run in the village of Arlington with the start line at Arlington Grange but for its residents, all is not fun as Mrs. Peacock is newly engaged to the French Count Henri de Beauchamp and no one is happy including Miss Scarlett is fearful of losing her inheritance and Rev. Green not getting any money for the save the mole campaign but Mrs White has her suspicions that the count is a fake but who killed the count? and was everyone in the run competing? Team 1: Actor Edward Hardwicke and Special Constable Karen Beer
Team 2: Author Nanette Newman and pathologist Dr. Mike Hammer
Candlestick, poison, pistol, knife, rope, paperweight Mrs Peacock overheard the Count as a fraud to Mrs White so poisoned the brandy in the decanter in the Dining Room to which only the count and Mrs. Peacock would be drinking.
2 Deadly Disco The "Stop the disco action group" is meeting at Arlington Grange to convince property developer Mr Hall to not build a discothèque on the village pond but Col. Mustard is delayed with a flat tyre. With Miss Scarlett having a possible affair, Rev. Green and Mrs. White angry to lose the wildlife and Mrs. Peacock protective over her community, who killed Mr Hall? Team 1: TV presenter John Stalker and Professional Corpse Judy Roberts Team 2: Actress Anna Carteret and neural scientist Dr. David Weeks Spanner, shotgun, poison, knife, curtain tie-back, Statuet Col. Mustard was not happy with Mr Hall as he could lose his property; he sneaked in through the dining room window and overheard Mr Hall threaten Miss Scarlet (Col. Mustard's secret lover) when the coast was clear, met with Mr Hall and led him into the dining room where he hit him with the statuet.
3 A Bridge Too Far After winning the bridge trophy for a third year in a row, Professor Plum is over Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet's winning streak so he hires some hustlers to beat them at their own game but when the hustlers take things too far, Mrs. Hope ends up dead. Did Professor Plum want to stop what he started? Did Miss Scarlett and Mrs Peacock not want pay their debts? Or Did Mrs. White want to save her job? Team 1: Theatre and TV presenter Ned Sherrin and Private Detective Zena Scott-Archer Team 2: Actress Thelma Barlow and Financial Investigator Clive Fisk Bridge trophy, shotgun, poison, steak knife, Billiard Cue, Curtain Tie-back Miss Scarlett was angry that Mrs. Peacock would not help her pay her debts to the Hopes and saw Janet hope go into the study. There, Janet slapped Miss Scarlett so Miss Scarlett hit her with the bridge trophy.
4 Going, Going, Goner TV and Art critic Peregrine Talbot-Wheeler comes to Arlington Grange to evaluate some valuable paintings but what he finds makes enemies with the guests at the grange as blackmail is on foot but who killed the critic? Team 1: Actor Andrew Sachs and Legal Executive Dee Williamson Team 2: Actor Keith Barron and Welsh cluedo champion Harriet Cozen Billiard cue, antique pistol, poison, antique sword, bowtie, paperweight When Mrs. Peacock meets mr. Talbot-Wheeler in the study, he informs her that her paintings are a fake and he attempts to blackmail her. Mrs. Peacock paid a lot of money for the fakes and wanted no one else to know and in a fit of anger hit him with the sword and killed him.
5 Politician's Funeral Mrs. Peacock holds a reception after the funeral of a local MP at Arlington Grange. Col. Mustard and Professor Plum's boss Mr Chapman want to run for this vacant spot and Mr Chapman starts to blackmail the guests for votes and even threatens to deport Professor Plum but who killed Mr Chapman? Team 1: Actor Edward Fox and P.I. Bob Kettle. Team 2: Actress Joanna David and P.I. Eileen Kettle Statuet, card sharp's gun, poison, knife, black tie, Crook lock With his job on the line, Professor Plum with furious with Mr Chapman and got very drunk but before he could do anything, Rev. Green sent him outside. When Professor Plum saw Miss Scarlet leave Mr Chapman in the Billiard room, he want in the billiard room and strangled Mr Chapman to death with his black tie.
6 A Fête Worse Than Death It is time for the annual summer fête in the village of Arlington and is held at Arlington Grange. While the guest of honor, TV's Bernard Kirkbride causes anger amongst the guests, it isn't him who is killed but the local policeman PC Jones, but who did and why? Team 1: Actor and Comedian Tony Slattery and Criminologist Coretta Phillips. Team 2: Actor David Yip and policeman Andrew Lovelady Statuet, Col. Mustard's riffle, poison, cake knife, tail from dragon's costume, Mrs. Peacock's hairpin Mrs. White was worried about a private conversation between PC Jones and Mrs Peacock were having not realising it was to stop the Fête proceedings been stolen again. When Mrs. White realised the dragon was PC Jones, she got worried that he knew that she stolen some expensive alcohol from Mrs. Peacock so Mrs. White got him some lemonade and poisoned it and gave it to PC Jones in the drawing room.

Christmas Special[edit]

This special was an extended edition to 45 minutes with extra evidence. The set was painted from blue to red and the teams' white desks changed to cream and there was a new cream perimeter around the suspects' seating area plus the six weapons used are the actual ones traditionally used in Cluedo. As well, the usual billiard room is replaced with the hall. Both team members were celebrities.

Episode title Details Teams Weapons Solution
Christmas Past, Christmas Present It is Christmas at Arlington Grange and a special guest has arrived - Richard Forrest, the son of the famous judge who lived in the Grange before has arrived with gifts for the guests in Arlington which represent a secret from each of their pasts found in the Judge's old diaries. Richard tells Mrs. Peacock that he wants the grange or the secrets will be exposed but it ends up that it's not Richard that ends up dead but Ken the chauffeur—or it is him? Team 1: Actor Tony Scannell and actress Fiona Spence
Team 2: Trudie Goodwin and actor Leslie Grantham
Knife, rope, spanner, lead piping, candlestick, gun Miss Scarlet wanted revenge on Col. Mustard for his betrayal by marrying Mrs. Peacock. Miss Scarlett found out that Richard Forrest was blackmailing Mrs Peacock and that Ken the chauffeur was really Richard and she wanted to kill Richard and frame Mrs. Peacock so she could be with Col. Mustard. After the real Ken ran away from the grange, Miss Scarlett took the knife and found the real Richard in the library completing the quiz and she stabbed him to death.

Series 2[edit]

This series brought a new host and a new smaller set with a new brown and orange theme with each weapon on an individual plinth at the front of the set and a map of the grange in the background. Some bonus evidence was not seen from episode 2 due to a technical error during broadcast. This is the first series that all guests are killers in one episode.

Episode Episode title Details Motives Teams Weapons Solution
1 The Best Insurance Mrs Peacock wants to re-insure some of the valuables at the grange after recent neighbourhood burglaries but the arrival of insurance assessor George Biddle (an old friend of Col. Mustard's) brings enemies from more than one of the guests but who killed Mr. Biddle?
  • Mrs Peacock - Mr Biddle may have evidence to show that her husband's death was not accidental and a dodgy life insurance policy could set her back a lot of money.
  • Col. Mustard - He is angered that Mr Biddle did not come through with his promise to get him on the board of directors.
  • Rev. Green - A fake insurance claim on some candlesticks after a burglary could see him in trouble
  • Mrs. White - She was very suspicious that Mr Biddle knew that she was an arsonist at her last place of employment and did not want that revealed.
  • Prof. Plum - After being in possession of some stolen pre-Columbian art, he did not want Mr Biddle to fiddle with his plans.
  • Miss. Scarlett - Mr Biddle found out that she pawned the bronze statue for a fake and wanted it kept secret.
Team 1: Broadcaster-journalist Pamela Armstrong and actor George Layton
Team 2: TV presenter Gabby Roslin and TV presenter Frank Bough
Kettle flex, candlestick, gun, antique knife, bronze statue, poker Mr Biddle knew the candlesticks were from the church and following the fake insurance claim, Rev. Green wanted to keep it a secret so followed him back into the kitchen and strangled him with the kettle flex.
2 A Deadly Deal Investment broker Simon Charles had convinced many of the guests to delve into a deal with later fell through and all lost a lot of money apart from Simon who pulled out last minute and tells the guests that the only way they can get their money back is to invest more but who makes it more to a killing?
  • Mrs Peacock - She has now put Arlington Grange forward in the new deal but did she kill to save her home?
  • Col. Mustard - Simon knew that he was involved in some insider deals and Simon blackmailed him.
  • Rev Green - He had bet the £20,000 that Mrs Peacock had given him for the new church window on the deal and Mrs Peacock is starting to get suspicious and he is angry.
  • Mrs White - She had invested her entire life savings into the deal and has no second chance to get it back.
  • Prof. Plum - Simon's new deal involves a stolen software which Plum invented, did he want to get revenge?
  • Miss Scarlett - She lost a lot of money in the deal, did she kill to wipe her debt?
Team 1: Actress Sally Whittaker and TV presenter Matthew Kelly
Team 2: TV presenter Michaela Strachan and actor John McArdle
Steak hammer, Ebony ruler, sharpening steel, rat poison, scarf, gun Mrs. White had invested her life savings into the deal and wanted Mr Charles to get some money back but he laughed so, in the kitchen, she grabbed the sharpening steel and stabbed him to death in a fit of rage.
3 Fatal Distraction Top TV soap star Marieanne Kray arrives at Arlington Grange to film a life story about George Velares, who used to live at the grange but her real name Maisie sees the guests angered from past experiences but what did Maisie do to lead to her death?
  • Mrs Peacock - Maisie was Mrs Peacock's understudy in "King's Destiny" and believed she poisoned her to get her role and rise to fame.
  • Col. Mustard - He lived in the village when George Velares was at the grange and knew the true reason George died but doe he want it revealed?
  • Rev. Green - Marieanne wants him to help her make it big or she will publish her life story which entails her affairs with him.
  • Mrs White - Marieanne is constantly mean to her, did she give Marieanne her comeuppance.
  • Prof. Plum - He is angered that Marieanne stole his script to which he spent a lot of time researching on.
  • Miss Scarlett - Marianne was given the part she wanted, did she kill to get what she wanted what she was promised?
Team 1: Author. Agony Aunt Claire Rayner and comedian and TV presenter Andrew O'Connor. Team 2: TV presenter and model Annabel Giles and TV presenter Gordon Burns Pallet knife, cheese wire cutter, poison, golf club, rope, scissors When George Velares was at the grange, he had a number of affairs to which Col. Mustard found out and blackmailed George but it got all to much and George drank himself to death. Col. Mustard did not want that revealed to the world and saw Marieanne in the kitchen refilling her drink and so crept in the backdoor and strangled her with the rope left in the trash so that the story would never be told.
4 Charity Begins At Home Arlington grange is host to a charity auction to raise money for the new church roof but Ben the window cleaner is listening to guest's conversations who has been hired by Mrs Peacock to find out who has been stealing items from around the house but Ben delves a bit too far into the guest's business but who took it to Ben's death?
  • Mrs Peacock - Ben wants in on a potential 6 figure turner painting and buy it for pennies at the auction
  • Col. Mustard - Ben tries to crack a deal with Mustard over the Turner and he is not impressed
  • Rev. Green - Ben investigated £5,000 going missing from the church from Easter functions, Did Ben know what happened to the money?
  • Mrs White - Ben finds out she is the thief, did she kill so he will not expose her to Mrs Peacock?
  • Prof Plum - He knows that happened to the old people's holiday fund, did Ben find out and he killed to keep it secret?
  • Miss Scarlett - She caught Ben snooping in her draws, did she kill to keep secrets that he might of found?
Team 1: Actress Carmen Silvera and Author/Journalist Sir Clement Freud Team 2: TV Presenter Nina Myskow and TV Presenter Chris Packham Spanner, Lead Piping, African Spear, Revolver, Candlestick, Kitchen Knife Mrs. Peacock was angry that Ben tried to blackmail her into bringing him in on the turner deal and while having one of Mrs. White's sausage rolls, she picked up the lead piping and found Ben playing snooker in the Billiard room and hit him to death and turned out that the turner was a fake.
5 A Traveller's Tale A swarm of caravan travelling hippies have arrived in Arlington and have taken over Col. Mustard's land. Miss Scarlett is very intimate with one hippie, Dave but when he comes for dinner at Arlington Grange, is he all that he appears to be as he ends up dead.
  • Mrs Peacock - The hippies have caused property values to plummet, did she kill to stay afloat?
  • Col. Mustard - He made an agreement with Dave that the hippies could squat on his land to decrease the property values, did he kill after realising the mistake he made?
  • Rev Green - Green was angry that the hippies are on the land next to the church and have protested on the church, did he kill to get the church back?
  • Mrs White - Dave was constantly mean to her, did she finally snap and kill?
  • Prof. Plum - He had a dark secret to which Dave found out, did he kill to keep his secret safe?
  • Miss Scarlett - She was in love with Dave but did she kill after finding out something new about him?
Team 1: Actress Amanda Barrie and TV Presenter Jim Bowen Team 2: Actress Michelle Collins and Radio DJ Mike Read. Spanner, Knife, Poison, Candlestick, Shotgun, Telephone Flex Miss Scarlett overheard Dave talking to Col. Mustard about their agreement, she felt betrayed thinking that he was there for her so while intimate with him in the study, stabbed him to death with the knife before slipping back into the drawing room.
6 The Bolivian Connection It is the day of Col. Mustard and Mrs Peacock's wedding but it ends in ruins with the arrival of Mrs Peacock's supposedly dead husband Jack Peacock who supposedly died on an expedition with Prof. Plum, but what does his return mean for the guests and who made it more into a killing?
  • Mrs Peacock - Arlington grange truly belongs to Jack and with his return, it meant that she would lose everything, did she kill to prevent this from happening?
  • Col. Mustard - Jack's return sees Mrs Peacock call off the wedding, with loss of money, marriage and revenge, did he kill to keep his lover?
  • Rev. Green - He paid for a £15,000 altar screen which was Mrs Peacock's wedding gift to the church which she promised to pay for, now she has lost her money, did he kill so we would not be left with the bill?
  • Mrs. White - After never seeing eye to eye before he went to Bolivia, did she kill to keep her job?
  • Prof. Plum - He was on the research team that sent jack to Bolivia to find a wonder drug to cure the common cold, did greed lead him to kill?
  • Miss Scarlett - On the brink of losing her inheritance and her home, was it a strong motive to kill?
Team 1: TV Presenters and married couple Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan and Team 2: TV Presenters and Married couple Maggie Philbin and Keith Chegwin Funeral Urn, Scarf, Glass Of Champagne, Revolver, Paperweight, Cake Knife Jack brought Prof. Plum into the drawing room where Jack showed him that some of the wonder drug was hidden amongst the ashes of the funeral urn. Wanting to gain his reputation back from the trouble Jack caused for him, Prof. Plum grabbed the funeral urn and hit him to death. The drug turned out to be soluble aspirin.

Series 3[edit]

A new host brought a new set which had a silver and blue theme. Not much change was seen but mainly made for fake marble. There was no weapons presented in front of the teams for the first time and at the end of each episode, viewers got a chance to answer a question about that episode's murder to win a murder mystery weekend.

Episode Episode title Details Motives Teams Weapons Solution
1 A Hunting We Will Go It's the day of the Arlington hunt but hunt saboteurs cause trouble for the hunters and one saboteur Gordon Ferrar who was attacked by Col. Mustard is cleaned up at the grange and causes an enemy of everyone but who had the full drive the kill?
  • Mrs. Peacock - Her horse Phantom was killed in the hunt by the saboteurs scaring it and was hit by a truck, did she revenge the death of her horse?
  • Col. Mustard - He was jealous of Gordon's relationship with Miss Scarlet, did he want to finish what he started?
  • Rev. Green - He witnessed Gordon being beaten by Col. Mustard and also been working with the saboteurs for years. With his loyalty in question, did the pressure cause him to kill?
  • Mrs. White - She helped clean up Gordon and felt guilty after finding out about Phantom, did she kill to silence her sorrows?
  • Prof. Plum - Gordon had a video of him feeding fox cubs to the hounds, did he kill so he wouldn't be exposed?
  • Miss Scarlett - She held a secret of how she knew Gordon before, did she kill so it wouldn't come to light?
Team 1: TV Presenter Valerie Singleton and TV Presenter Johnny Ball Team 2: Former PM Edwina Curry and TV Presenter Richard O'Brien Scissors, Candlestick, Telephone Flex, Poker, Syringe (with poison), Billiard Cue. Rev. Green was in a moral dilemma with his loyalty to his parish and the saboteurs being questioned and being blackmailed by Gordon broke him down. He returned to the kitchen to challenge Gordon but he laughed so Rev. Green picked up the scissors and stabbed him in the neck to death.
2 Scared To Death Mrs White believes that she is seeing gone so psychic negotiator Miss Terri arrives on the advice of Prof. Plum but what she gets from the spirits turns the guests against her but who killed the psychic in the lighting on the night?
  • Mrs Peacock - Did a potential scandal involving her late husband lead her to kill?
  • Col. Mustard - With the affair between him and Miss Scarlett cause him to kill the psychic?
  • Rev. Green - His secret money making scheme with Col. Mustard was on the brink of exposure, did he kill to keep the money he had?
  • Mrs. White - Already on edge, did she kill to make the voice go away?
  • Prof. Plum - Did the spirit of a dead former student see Plum kill so the truth was unheard?
  • Miss Scarlett - With an affair in the air, did she kill to keep her secret lover?
Team 1: TV presenter Annabel Croft and sports presenter Dickie Davies Team 2: TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and News Reader Martin Lewis Candlestick, gun, dagger, statuet, cross and chain, decanter With the revelations of his money making scheme with Rev. Green and his affair with Miss Scarlett soon to be exposed, he wanted Miss Terri gone. He found the dagger by accident on the library floor and found Miss Terri in deep meditation behind the Billiard room door and killed her with the dagger.
3 Murder in Merrie England European multi-millionaire has plans for Arlington Grange and has made Mrs. Peacock an offer she can't refused but when he reveals he wants to turn the grange into a new water park but who had the bigger motive to kill?
  • Mrs. Peacock - Wanting to save her ancestral home, did she kill to keep history alive?
  • Col. Mustard - Feeling double crossed by Gold, did he kill to save his reputation?
  • Rev. Green - He lost his promised land and the church integrity is decreasing, did he kill to save the church?
  • Mrs. White - With the threat of losing her job, did she kill to keep it?
  • Prof. Plum - His long hard archaeological work would be in ruins, did he kill to keep his job?
  • Miss Scarlett - Her inheritance is to be lost, did she kill to keep her future?
Team 1: TV presenter Lynn Faulds Wood and actor Nicholas Parsons Team 2: Actress Sarah Kennedy and actor Jonathon Morris Croquet mallet, stocking, bow and arrows, fossil, meat cleaver, poker Unable to afford the maintenance for the house, Mrs. Peacock signed to Gold's deal; however, she was angry to find out she would lose her home and so when she found out she couldn't back out of the deal while talking to her solicitor in the study, Gold walked in looking for his contracts and she hit him with the mallet to what she wanted to perform a public service and maintain the heritage of the grange.
4 And Then There Were Nuns After receiving a letter, Mrs. Peacock's late husband Jack's sister: Sister Concepta arrives at the grange for what was a nice family reunion but the Sister has other plans and has everybody at the cards as she plans to build her convent but who would most want to ruin her attempts and kill her?
  • Mrs. Peacock - her home was to be taken away - she kill to keep it?
  • Col. Mustard - His dark deeds from his army days were threatened to be exposed, did he kill to preserve his integrity?
  • Rev. Green - Sister Concepta was his ultimate rival for his parish, did he kill to make him the ultimate winner?
  • Mrs White - Regretful of sending the letter that started it all, did she kill to stop what she started?
  • Prof. Plum - His scientific reputation was on the line, did he kill to keep it safe?
  • Miss Scarlett - With her inheritance lost, did she kill to gain it back?
Team 1: TV Presenter Carol Vorderman and Spear, Shotgun, Cake Knife, Parasol, Corkscrew, Paperweight Mrs. White wanted to help Mrs Peacock by writing the letter but when she found out what Sister Concepta's actual plan was, she wanted to stop what she started. She stole the emeralds from the safe in the library and hid them in the drawing room as no one would look in there due to the wax; when she went to check up on them later, Sister Concepta caught her red-handed and threatened her with the spear; in anger Mrs. White took the spear and killed her but forgot about the wax on the floor.
5 Blackmail And The Fourth Estate Example
  • Mrs. Peacock - Stringers research would ruin the reputation of the grange, did she kill to keep her reputation in tact?
  • Col. Mustard - Stringer had inside knowledge on what Col. Mustard's art was in the Gulf war, did he kill to make sure it kept hidden?
  • Rev. Green - Stringer found out that he had a gambling problem and his affairs with several ladies in his parish, did he kill to keep him hush hush?
  • Mrs. White - Stringer knew that Mrs. White set fire to her last place of work, did she kill to keep it secret?
  • Prof. Plum - Stringer knew that he authorized a drug which killed hundreds of people, did he kill to keep this secret?
  • Miss. Scarlett - Stringer had some scandalous photos of her, did she kill to make sure they weren't leaked.
Team 1: Newsreader Lisa Aziz and actor Kevin Lloyd Team 2: TV presenter Jenny Powell and society columnist Nigel Dempster Knife, billiard cue, curtain cord, insecticide, carving fork, gun Prof. Plum was angry that Stringer would expose him in the papers and ruin his reputation, he poured the insecticide into Stringer's wine bottle in the library knowing that Stringer would come back to it.
6 Deadly Dowry Miss Scarlett brings a guest Clive Moxton to the grange for dinner and the guests are shocked when they reveal they are engaged which sends them into a spin but what secret transactions led to Clive being killed?
  • Mrs. Peacock - With no money for her daughter, did she kill to protect her from paying Miss Scarlett's debt?
  • Col. Mustard - Angered in jealousy over his secret love affair with Miss Scarlett, did he him to keep his affair one sided?
  • Rev. Green - Clive found out he was a card sharp at the gambling table and he threatened to be exposed, did he kill to save his reputation?
  • Mrs. White - Wanting to help those in need, did she kill to protect her beloved friend?
  • Prof. Plum - He used Miss Scarlett's trust fund to save himself, did he kill so no one else would know?
  • Miss Scarlett - Forced into marriage to clear her debts, did she kill to get her in the black?
Team 1: Actress and TV personality Una Stubbs and sports presenter and newsreader Nick Owen Team 2: Newspaper editor Eve Pollard and actor Philip Middlemiss Billiard cue, poker, candlestick, sword, meat pounder, gun With a large amount of debt, Clive wanted to force Miss Scarlett into marriage and get into her trust fund to be able to pay off her debt to him so she hid the sword stick amongst the snooker cues and went upstairs. She distracted Col. Mustard by recording a TV program that she would have enough time to go back downstairs to where Clive was playing in the billiard room and kill him with the sword she hid.


In the 2nd episode of the 4th season, Col. Mike Mustard murdered former comrade and property developer Sir Nigel Hussey (Ian McNeice) with a G string in the dining room. A short time later, the producers received a letter that was written by the family of one Felix Reese. Felix Reese was a taxi driver who was shot in the head by Leslie Grantham while he (Leslie Grantham) was a soldier who was situated in Germany. The Reeses found it distasteful that someone who performed an illegal killing as a soldier would be cast as someone who performed an illegal killing as a soldier.


Original series[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 25 July 1990 29 August 1990 6
2 24 April 1991 5 June 1991 6
3 4 May 1992 8 June 1992 6
4 19 April 1993 24 May 1993 6


Date Entitle
26 December 1990 Christmas Special

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