Clyde Burghs (UK Parliament constituency)

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Clyde Burghs
or Glasgow Burghs
Former District of burghs constituency
for the House of Commons
Subdivisions of Scotland Lanarkshire, Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire
Major settlements Dumbarton, Glasgow, Rutherglen, Renfrew
Replaced by Glasgow constituency
Kilmarnock Burghs

Clyde Burghs, also known as Glasgow Burghs, was a district of burghs constituency of the House of Commons of Great Britain (at Westminster) from 1708 to 1801 and of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom (also at Westminster) from 1801 to 1832. It elected one Member of Parliament (MP).


The constituency consisted of parliamentary burghs along the River Clyde and the Firth of Clyde: Dumbarton in the county of Dumbarton, Glasgow and Rutherglen in the county of Lanark, and Renfrew in the county of Renfrew.

When the district of burghs constituency was abolished in 1832 the Glasgow parliamentary burgh was merged into the then new two-member Glasgow constituency. The Dumbarton, Renfrew and Rutherglen burghs were combined with Kilmarnock burgh and Port Glasgow burgh in the then-new Kilmarnock Burghs constituency.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
1708 Robert Rodger
1710 Thomas Smith
1716 Daniel Campbell
1727 John Blackwood
1728 Daniel Campbell
1734 William Campbell
1741 Neil Buchanan
1744 John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, later 5th Duke of Argyll
1761 Lord Frederick Campbell
1780 John Crauford
1784 Ilay Campbell
1790 John Crauford
1790 William McDowall
1802 Alexander Houstoun
1803 Boyd Alexander
1806 Archibald Campbell
1809 Alexander Houstoun
1812 Kirkman Finlay
1818 Alexander Houstoun
1820 Archibald Campbell
1831 Joseph Dixon