Coëtivy Island

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Coëtivy Island. NASA Image
Location Indian Ocean
Archipelago Seychelles
Area 9.31 km2 (3.59 sq mi)
Population 252
Density 27 /km2 (70 /sq mi)
Coëtivy Island is located in Indian Ocean
Coëtivy Island
Coëtivy Island
Location of Coëtivy Island in the Indian Ocean

Coëtivy Island is a small coral island in the Seychelles 290 km south of Mahé, at 07°08′S 56°16′E / 7.133°S 56.267°E / -7.133; 56.267.

Along with Île Platte, the nearest neighbor 171 km northwest, it comprises the Southern Coral Group and therefore belongs to the Outer Islands.

Area and population[edit]

Its area is 9.31 km² and it has a population of 252. It was named after Chevalier de Coëtivy who first sighted the island in 1771. Until 1908 it was politically part of Mauritius.


The island is privately owned by the parastatal Seychelles Marketing Board (SMB). Coetivy has recently been known for its shrimp farms (black tiger prawn) and shrimp processing plant that began in the early 1990s; (from 1989-1992 the business was in "development phase"). There is also some vegetable farming, whose produce is sold in markets on Mahé.[1]


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