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Logo Co-Ment.png
Original author(s) Sopinspace
Written in Python/Django
Available in English, French
Type Online word processor
License GNU Affero GPL

co-ment is an online word processor allowing collaborative work on text writing. It's the descendant of the tool[1] created to handle the GNU GPL version 3[2] online revision. It is freely available under Affero GPL.


Co-ment allows groups of users to collaboratively elaborate online texts. It offers a wiki-style editing environment, supporting many syntaxes,[3] and allows some finely controlled layouts, including table or images.

Its main interest is its comment feature, allowing users to attach their remarks to sharp extracts of text, leading to a text building procedure based on strong and equipped debates.

Advanced comment navigation features are also provided to help discover new annotations or go through the history of a debate. It's also possible to set up email alerts on text edits or new comments.

Co-ment is fitted with many import/export formats support : TXT, DOC, ODT, HTML. Co-ment has a special focus on layout respect of exported file types.


It is available as a free web service, extended by pro accounts following the WordPress model. Source code is available on the website, and it's also bundled as a Drupal module.


Some of the greatest use cases of co-ment are for education, in particular first language and literature teaching in secondary education.

Co-ment is inspired by stet, the tool created to handle the online revision of the GPL v3, and has been since used for other licenses such as: Mozilla Public License, Creative Commons[2]

Co-ment is also used for legal works,[4] for administrative works[5] and for advocacy works.[6]


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