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The Co-operative Energy
Business of an Industrial and Provident Society, registered under the Companies Acts
Industry Public Utility
Products Gas and electricity supply
Parent The Midcounties Co-operative

The Co-operative Energy is a British energy supply company based in Warwick that began trading in 2010. It is an alternative to the Big Six energy firms and, given that its parent is Midcounties Co-operative, is the only co-operative supplier in the market.

Fuel Mix[edit]

It supplies both natural gas and electricity via 'dual fuel' tariffs. The 2013 fuel mix[1] for the electricity it buys is:-

Fuel Co-operative Energy UK market average
Renewable 54.3% 11.3%
Natural gas 40.4% 27.7%
Nuclear nil% 20.6%
Coal nil% 38.4%
Other 5.3% 2.0%

The CO2 emissions of its 2013 fuel mix was 0.177 kg/kWh compared to the UK market respective average of 0.470 kg/kWh.

Energy sources[edit]

The Co-operative Energy buys electricity from several community owned renewable energy schemes, including the Great Dunkilns Farm wind turbine at St Briavels in Gloucestershire[2] and Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative.[3]

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