Coalició Compromís

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Commitment Coalition
Coalició Compromís
Leader Enric Morera
Mònica Oltra
Founder Bloc Nacionalista Valencià Iniciativa del Poble Valencià
Els Verds
Founded January 25, 2010 (2010-01-25)
Headquarters C/ Llop, 1-3
46002 Valencia
Newspaper infoCOMPROMÍS
Youth wing Joves amb Compromís:
Joves PV - Compromís
Joves d'Iniciativa
Ideology Valencianism
Green politics[1]
Political position Left[1]
European affiliation European Free Alliance
European Parliament group The Greens-European Free Alliance
Colors Orange
Congress of Deputies
1 / 350
Valencian Parliament
6 / 99
European Parliament
1 / 54
(in the coalition European Spring)
Politics of Spain
Political parties
Enric Morera, leader of the coalition.

Coalició Compromís (Valencian pronunciation: [koalisiˈo kompɾoˈmis]; English: Commitment Coalition) is a valencianist political party, originally an electoral coalition, in the Valencian Community in Spain. The parties involved include the Valencian Nationalist Bloc, the left-wing Valencian People's Initiative, and environmentalist parties. They defend valencianist, progressist and ecological politics.

It was the third largest political force in the regional elections of 2011 in the Valencian Community, having 6 MPs in the Corts Valencianes and 384 representatives in local government.

In the 2011 elections to the Corts Valencianes they won 7% of the votes and 6 of the 99 seats. In the 2011 elections to the Corts Generales, standing as Compromís-Q (they ran in coalition with Equo, in the three provinces of the Valencian Community) it won 0.5% of the national vote and 1 MP in Congress (Joan Baldoví), nearing 5% of the total vote in the Land of Valencia.

In the elections to the European Parliament of 2014 got 1 seat in Primavera Europea coalition with other parties (such as Chunta Aragonesista or EQUO)


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