Coalition Montréal

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Coalition Montréal
Leader Benoit Dorais
Founded July 3, 2013
Headquarters 740 St-Maurice, apt. 300
Montreal, Quebec
H3C 1L5
Political position Centre-Left
Colours Blue and Orange
Seats on council
6 / 65
Politics of Montreal
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Coalition Montréal (Montreal Coalition) is a municipal political party in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, formed in 2013 to support the candidacy of Marcel Côté for mayor of Montreal. The party competed for the first time in the 2013 municipal election. The party is formed of former members of Union Montreal, such as Marvin Rotrand, as well as the Vision Montreal party and their leader, Louise Harel.

Following Marcel Côté's death on May 26, Benoit Dorais became party leader.