Coast Guard Station Burlington

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Coast Guard Station Burlington
Coordinates 44°28′50″N 73°13′27″W / 44.48056°N 73.22417°W / 44.48056; -73.22417
Site information
Site history
Built 1948 (1948)

Coast Guard Station Burlington, Vermont is a Coast Guard station established in 1948 as a four-man light attendant station on Juniper Island. Currently the Station is located on the waterfront of Burlington, Vermont, in a facility built in 1993. Some of the missions they conduct are Maritime Law enforcement, Search and Rescue, Ice Rescue, and Aids to Navigation (ATON). They currently operate one 25-foot Defender-Class Boat, one Trailerable Aids Navigation Boat and one 49-foot Buoy Utility Stern Loading

Their primary area of responsibility is Lake Champlain and are based out of Burlington, Vermont. They also patrol and maintain Aids to Navigation on Lake Memphremagog.[1]


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