Coat of arms of Arendal

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Coat of arms of Arendal. The official coat of arms also has a gold mural crown.

The Coat of arms of Arendal was approved by Royal Resolution on November 7, 1924. The original design was drawn by Miss C. Aubert from an idea by Fred. Barth. It depicts a silver three masted sailing ship from the 18th century on three silver waves on a blue shield. Above the shield sits a gold mural crown with five towers. The town's army unit had been using a similar motive without waves on their standard since the mid 18th century. A town seal from the 1820s has been preserved depicting a ship on sea in a surrounding landscape of cliffs and trees. The ship also became the town's coat of arms. The celebration of the town's 200 year anniversary in 1923 was the spark initiating work to simplify the design and get it approved as the official coat of arms of the city.