Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia

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Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia
Coat of arms of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.svg
Czechoslovakia COA 1961-1989.svg
The CoA of communist Czechoslovakia (1961-1990)
Czechoslovakia COA small 2.svg
The small CoA (1918-1939); CoA of post-war Czechoslovakia (1945-1960)
Adopted 1918

The coat of arms of Czechoslovakia were changed many times during Czechoslovakia’s history, some alongside each other. This reflects the pretty turbulent history of the country and a wish to use appropriate territorial coats of arms.

The First Republic (1918-1938) and post-war (1945-1960)[edit]

Occupied Czechoslovakia (1938-1945)[edit]

After 1960[edit]

Post-Czechoslovak coats of arms[edit]