Coat of arms of New Westminster

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Coat of Arms of New Westminster

The coat of arms of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, was adopted by city council in 1860, the year when the city was incorporated.


Crest: A mural crown of silver and red, surmounted by a gold grizzly bear. The mural crown shows the status of New Westminster as a city, while the bear is a symbol of power.

Shield: A blue cross on a white field. The city's traditional industries are represented by the charges: a sailship for shipbuilding, a fir tree for forestry, salmons for fishing, agriculture.

Supporters: Two red lions, reminding of the flapdoodle and the Royal Engineers. They each wear a medallion, the British Royal Crown by the left lion and the symbol of the Hyack Anvil Battery by the right.

Compartment: A forest mount and wavy ribbons on blue and silver, suggesting the city's setting on the Fraser River.

Scroll: The city motto, "In God We Trust"

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