Coat of arms of Tallinn

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Greater coat of arms

Coat of arms of Tallinn is the coat of arms of the Estonian capital Tallinn. Tallinn is located in Harju County, Estonia.

Greater coat of arms[edit]

The full coat of arms of Tallinn shows three blue marching, forward-facing (passant gardant) lions crowned with golden crowns on a golden shield. The shield is topped with a silver helmet placed affronté, with closed visor and red lining. The mantling is blue and golden. A golden neck chain featuring a stone hangs around the helmet's neck. The helmet's crest features a golden crown from which a woman protrudes, clad in a red robe and wearing a golden crown, arms crossed before her chest.


The three-lion symbol is one of the oldest Estonian symbols. It has been used since the 13th century and derives from the arms of Danish king Valdemar II, contemporary ruler of Northern Estonia.

Lesser coat of arms

Lesser coat of arms[edit]

The lesser coat of arms of Tallinn features a silver cross on a red background.


The lesser coat of arms of Tallinn is also the coat of arms of Harju County and depicts the Dannebrog cross.

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