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The Coblentz Society is a non-profit American organization named after William Coblentz which is involved in the sponsorship of instructional materials, awards and recognitions enhancing the understanding of molecular (vibrational) spectroscopy. The organization was founded in 1954. The Coblentz Society is the oldest organization in the United States specifically dedicated to the profession and activities associated with molecular spectroscopy.[1]

The Awards sponsored by The Coblentz Society include:

  • The Coblentz Award for the outstanding spectroscopist under age 36[1]
  • The Williams-Wright Award for the outstanding industrial spectroscopist
  • The Bomem-Michelson Award for the advancement of the field of vibrational spectroscopy
  • The Craver Award for an outstanding spectroscopist under age 45
  • The Lippincott Award for the advancement of spectroscopy from an optical perspective.


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