Coburg shooting

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The Coburg shooting was an attempted school killing at Realschule II in Coburg, Germany during the morning of July 2, 2003.


Florian K. shot a school psychologist in the thigh when she attempted to take the gun from him.[1] According to police reports, he then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.[2] Before he began shooting, Florian showed the gun to other students and passed around ammunition, which some students kept as souvenirs.


Florian K.
Died July 2, 2003(2003-07-02) (aged 16)
Coburg, Bavaria, Germany
Occupation Student
Criminal status Deceased (suicide)[3]

Florian K. (name undisclosed by news sources), the gunman and student, fired his Walther PPK pistol at his teacher,[4] who was unarmed. The gun was owned by Florian's father, who was a member of a local gun club. Media speculation further implicated Florian in Satanist cult activities[5] and was a fan of Dark Funeral.[6]