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Cochin Stock Exchange Limited is a capital stock market in Kochi, Kerala in India. Incorporated in 1978,[1] it has now over 350[2] Indian companies listed. Cochin Stock Brokers Limited (CSBL), a wholly owned subsidiary of CSE is a member of NSE and BSE.[3]


Computerized trading was introduced in 1997. The major back office system software used are NESS and BOSS respectively for NSE and BSE. The trading software used in CSBL is Multex. Traders are provided Meta Stock and ERS software, trading terminals and optical fiber connections.[4] DP holdings are maintained by demat services like CDSL.

The new millennium saw the stock exchange building being shifted from the old structure in downtown Cochin to a brand new building in the Kaloor area in northern Kochi.


Trading hours historically used to begin late in the afternoon enabling access to traders from other regions of the state. Base Minimum Capital required to be maintained is Rs. 2 lakhs.[5]

Demutualization Scheme[edit]

The securities scam of the early nineties led the SEBI regulations on stock exchanges requires separation of ownership and trading rights and made it mandatory for majority ownership rests with the public, those without any trading rights.[6]

Cochin Stock Brokers Limited[edit]

Cochin Stock Brokers Limited (CSBL) a subsidiary of CSE is a corporate member of the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange enabling CSBL users to have trading facilities in these listings.

CSE Institute[edit]

CSE institute provides training program on stock market for investors.

Economic Impact[edit]

Industrialisation did not happen in Kerala to the extent as in other Indian states. As a result most Keralites do not invest in manufacturing entities. The reasons for the failure to attract manufacturing industries is unclear, but it has be due to the political climate and the lack of resources in a small state with such a large population density. The stock exchange is therefore an excellent channel for investment opportunities in the face of local problems.[7]


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