Cochiquito Volcanic Group

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Cochiquito Volcanic Group
Cochiquito volcano (brown, in centre). Image taken by NASA Landsat satellite.
Elevation 1,435 m (4,708 ft)
Location Argentina
Range Andes
Coordinates 36°46′S 69°49′W / 36.767°S 69.817°W / -36.767; -69.817
Type Stratovolcanoes
Age of rock Holocene
Last eruption Unknown

The Cochiquito Volcanic Group is a small volcanic group of volcanoes north of the town of Buta Ranquil in Argentina. The main peak is Volcán Cochiquito, a stratovolcano of estimated PleistoceneHolocene age. There are eight satellite cones in the volcanic field, including Volcán Sillanegra (a pyroclastic cone complex) and Volcán Ranquil del Sur (a small stratovolcano).

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