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Cock Rock Disco is an independent record label started in 2001 by Jason Forrest. The label features breakcore and experimental artists including Forrest himself.

A free full-length Mp3 album was made available in Dec 2005 and remains online and free to download. To date it has been downloaded over 70,000 times. In April 2009 a new free compilation "Monsters of Cock Rock Disco" was released and features newcomers to the label Captain Ahab in addition to their normal roster of artists.

To celebrate the release of the "Monsters of CRD" compilation the label hosted a tour of central Europe with Otto von Schirach, Duran Duran Duran, Nero's Day at Disneyland and Forrest as Dj Donna Summer. The tour lasted 2 weeks and stopped at 10 cities. There was a limited edition poster accompanying the tour that was sold out.

The label currently has (as of Nov 2009) 18 full-length releases, 15 12"-only releases and 19 bi-monthly free MP3 only albums.

CD Releases[edit]

Catalogue No. Artist Title
Crock001 Duran Duran Duran "Very Pleasure"
Crock002 Terminal 11 "Illegal Nervous Habits"
Crock003 Doormouse "Stanley Yershinowski Presents... Xylophone Jism As The Ridiculator"
Crock004 Vorpal "An Incomplete Guide To Vorpal Music"
Crock005 Various Artists "Wasted Compilation" in association with Mirex
Crock007 Stunt Rock "This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three"
Crock008 Next Life "Electric Violence"
Crock009 About "Bongo"
Crock010 Ślepcy "We Are The Newest Battle Models"
Crock012 Various Artists "White Cock 1-4 Compilation"
Crock013 Drumcorps "Grist"
Crock014 Dev/Null "Lazer Thrash"
Crock016 Glowstyx "Class of 1992"
Crock018 DJ Donna Summer "Panther Tracks"
Crock019 Otto von Schirach "Oozing Bass Spasms"
Crock022 Nero's Day at Disneyland "From Rotting Fantasylands"

Vinyl-only releases[edit]

Catalogue No. Artist Title
Vrock006 The Assdroids "Daddy's Gone"
Vrock008 Drumcorps "Live And Regret"
Vrock009 DJ Rainbow Ejaculation "Self-Titled"
Vrock012 Pisstank "Ravecore Anthems"


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