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Cockspur Street is a short thoroughfare in the City of Westminster, London, SW1, which links Trafalgar Square to Pall Mall, The Haymarket and Pall Mall East. On 29 June 2007, a car containing significant amounts of explosives was found on Cockspur Street. It did not detonate.[1]

Number 1 Cockspur Street was at one time Oceanic House, the London office of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company or the White Star Line, which owned the famed liner RMS Titanic. The name can still be seen on the side and top of the side door. Also located on Cockspur Street is the Serious Fraud Office and the Embassy of Brazil.

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Coordinates: 51°30′27″N 0°07′45″W / 51.50750°N 0.12917°W / 51.50750; -0.12917