Cocktail (2006 film)

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Traditional 半醉人間
Simplified 半醉人间
Mandarin Bàn zuì rén jiān
Cantonese Boon chui yan gaan
Directed by Long Ching
Herman Yau
Written by Cheung Fan
Starring Race Wong
Candy Lo
Release dates
  • 19 January 2006 (2006-01-19)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Cocktail (Chinese: 半醉人間; pinyin: Bàn zuì rén jiān; Cantonese Yale: Boon chui yan gaan) is a 2006 Hong Kong film produced and directed by Herman Yau and Long Ching.[1]


The melancholy Candy runs the Half Mortal, a trendy bar in Hong Kong. She hires Paul; Stella, a part-time employee who's a college student in psychology, trains him. He has a gift for mixing the perfect drink to fit each customer's emotional needs. His own emotions, however, are complex: his father, an alcoholic, has died recently; he's abandoned his studies; and, although he likes Stella, he's a tyro with women and inarticulate with her. Is alcohol the key to happiness, as Paul wonders; does it simply change peoples' personality, as Stella thinks; or, is it just there, as Candy's business sense tells her? Can Paul and Stella blend into something smooth?



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