Coconut Revolution (band)

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Coconut Revolution
Coconut Revolution.jpg
Coconut Revolution
Background information
Genres World, pop, rock, African blues
Years active 2011-present
Associated acts Baaba Maal, Toure Kunda

Coconut Revolution (formed in London, UK in 2011) is a world, pop and rock, band.


Coconut Revolution's lineup features members Jim Palmer, Modou Toure & Ramon Goose. Jim Palmer and Ramon Goose met at the Womad Festival in the summer of 2011 after Palmer had performed with Senegalese singer Baaba Maal. The two decided they shared similar musical tastes and decided to work on a new project together. Ramon drafted in Senegalese singer Modou Toure son of Ousmane Toure from the band Toure Kunda and the band was named after an original song Jim Palmer wrote named after the Multi-award winning film The Coconut Revolution. An album is expected in early 2013.

Band lineup[edit]

Jim Palmer, Modou Toure, Ramon Goose
  • Jim Palmer - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion & Drums
  • Ramon Goose - Lead guitar & Xalam
  • Modou Toure - Vocals & Percussion



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