Coconut brandy

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Coconut brandy
Mendis coconut brandy
Type Brandy
Manufacturer Mendis
Introduced 2009
Alcohol by volume 40.0%
Proof 80

Coconut brandy is a clear distilled spirit produced from coconut and matured in Halmilla wood casks.[1] The world's first coconut brandy was produced by Mendis.


Coconut brandy is produced from the sap ("toddy") of the coconut flower that is extracted by a specialized process called Tapping & Paring. The toddy is sourced from the coconut palm in Sri Lanka, where the coconut palm is Tapped and Pared for a total of 8 months, beginning in the first week of April and ending the second week of December each year.[2]

Toddy naturally ferments in the wood casks it is brought to the distillery in. Toddy naturally ferments because its main constituent in its freshest state is sucrose. Under normal conditions during toddy collection this sucrose will ferment without aid, due to yeasts that naturally accumulate in the toddy.[2]

At the distillery the fermented toddy is transferred into wood storing vats where it undergoes stringent pre-distillation filtration. Following filtration it is then pumped into the distillation house where the Distiller uses both French pot still and patent still, to distill different batches of toddy using the two distillation methods. the Toddy is double distilled in the French pot still and single distilled in the patent still by a continuous distillation process. During distillation, the distillate of toddy runs off the still into wooden holding vats where it is then transferred into warehouses to be set down for maturing in casks.[2]

Specially oak casks from around the world, along with Hamilla wood casks are used to age coconut brandy in. The aging process is monitored constantly by the cellar master and his tasters that work under him. After two years of aging, coconut brandy is ready to be bottled as a V.S.. X.O. has a minimum of 10 years maturation.


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