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Origin Paris, France
Genres electronica
easy listening
Years active 2001 - present
Labels FR: Third Side Records
UK: Setanta Records
Members Chab (the Jab)
Michelle (aka Fat Chimo du Japon)
Past members Kacey

Cocosuma is an electronica band from Paris. Their albums, published at Third Side Records have met both critic and public acclaim. Some of their tracks are picked for lounge or trip hop compilations. Cocosuma gained some fame in 2005 with the French mini-series Clara Sheller for which their song The Servant was the end credits.

Band history[edit]

Cocosuma's first lead singer was Jen h.ka (I Refuse to Grow). Then, Kacey, the new singer, decided to leave the trio after the second album. Michelle and Chab then met Amanda who was to become their new singer on the next albums.



  • I Refuse To Grow Up (2001)
    • I Was Born Ready Baby, Yeah!
    • Walk That Walk
    • (Tapping) The Source
    • Innerlude
    • Poison In My Veins (Part 1 & 2)
    • One Love, One Revolution
    • Poison In My Veins (JP Cristal Dark Remix)
    • Of The Influence Of Fall On Music And Its Overall Consequences On The Youth's State Of Mind
  • I Refuse To Remix (2002)
    • I Blue it (Jack Lahana remix)
    • Rocknroll (Alex Gopher remix)
    • Walk that Walk (Lowkick remix)
  • Reindeer Show The Way (2004)
    • Communication's Lost
    • The Servant
    • Sparks
    • Hey You!
    • So As A Gentleman You Should Be More Polite
    • Daisy's Face
    • Easy Terms
    • Le Fusible
    • (How High) Can You Fly?
    • #1 (In Your Heart)
    • What's Left Of Us
    • Sailing Home
  • We Were A Trio (2005)
    • Bowing Oceans By
    • Drizzling Not Dazzling
    • Nutopia
    • Bam! Tululu!
    • Did You Ever See
    • 090105
    • We Were A Trio
    • Courtyard
    • Mocking Stars
    • Two Cannot Be
  • Charlotte's On Fire EP (2007)
    • Charlotte's On Fire
    • Minefield
    • Guess I'm Dumb
    • Charlotte's On Fire (Bot'Ox Remix)
    • Charlotte's On Fire (Nouvelle Vague Remix)
    • Cinders (Origami Birö Remix)
    • It Ain't Hip (To Be Labeled A Hippie)
  • We'll Drive Home Backwards (2008)
    • You Are My Sunshine
    • Charlotte's On Fire
    • Twilight Zone
    • Cinders
    • Rec74
    • Suffragettes
    • My My My
    • Lady In Waiting
    • Oh Ruby Sun
    • Athletes!
    • Polly (Has My Disease)
    • The Verve Were Right
    • Broken Glass
    • Your Blue (hidden track)


  • Easy Terms (2004)
  • Bam! Tululu! (2005)
  • Did You Ever See (2005)
  • Charlotte On Fire (2007)


  • Pointing Excitedly To The Sky (2006)
    • Communication's Lost
    • Bam! Tululu!
    • The Servant
    • Sparks
    • Did You Ever See
    • Drizzling Yet Dazzling
    • We Were A Trio
    • Easy Terms
    • Nutopia
    • Daisy's Face
    • 090105
    • So As A Gentleman You Should Be More Polite
    • What's Left Of Us?
    • The Man Who Sold The World
    • Charllote In Fire

This United Kingdom release, is a combination of the two previous albums.


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