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Code monkey may refer to:

  • Code monkey, a term derived from the saying Monkey see, monkey do, but in reference to an unskilled computer programmer who can only perform programming tasks by copying examples, usually where they do not truly understand how the example works.
  • Code monkey, a derogatory term for an unskilled computer programmer who can only perform trivial or repetitive programming tasks or a reference to a job that treats even experienced programmers in a way that trivializes their problem-solving abilities. Can also be used as a derogatory term to express "even a monkey could write this code", which is often resented by computer programmers as it trivializes the complexity of programming. This term also draws an analogy from the infinite monkey theorem involving monkeys typing ad infinitum to produce Hamlet.
  • Code Monkeys, an animated television series
  • "Code Monkey" (song), by Jonathan Coulton

Monkey sometimes used with adjectives other than Code:

  • "adjective" monkey, a non-derogatory term for a skilled programmer who is tasked with performing a more trivial or repetitive computer programming task in addition to projects more consistent with their skill set.

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