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CodeBlack Entertainment
Type Corporation
Industry Entertainment
Founded (2005)
Headquarters Universal City, California, United States
Key people Jeff Clanagan, CEO, Codeblack Entertainment
Quincy Newell, EVP, Codeblack Entertainment and President of Codeblack Interactive
Products Motion pictures
Website Official website

CodeBlack Entertainment is an American entertainment conglomerate founded and run by an African-American entrepreneur, Jeff Clanagan.

CodeBlack Entertainment (CodeBlack) is the first independent, vertically integrated African-American-owned film studio, actively engaged in the business of feature film production, film distribution, worldwide DVD and digital assets distribution, urban marketing consulting and a production of programs for television broadcast and syndication.[citation needed]

According to its founder, CodeBlack Entertainment was created to facilitate positive representations of African-Americans in film. A multi-faceted entertainment organization, CodeBlack provides a consistent stream of urban-themed programming that is distributed across theatrical, digital, broadcast and internet-based platforms. CodeBlack's expansive library consists of dramatic, comedic, romantic and faith-based titles featuring top African American and Latino talent.[1]

Despite its relatively young age as a company, Jeff Clanagan and his team have already established CodeBlack Entertainment as an independent distributor of urban-themed content releasing urban content through theatrical, DVD, and broadcast channels and has further increased its equity by developing a strategic business alliance with one of Hollywood's biggest media conglomerates, 20th Century Fox.[2] Codeblack presently has a multi-picture deal with 20th Century Fox's new film distribution division, Fox Faith, to produce six original films targeting the African-American faith-based market. The first two productions are film adaptations of the 1980s Off-Broadway gospel musical hit Mama, I Want to Sing! as well as the popular play A Good Man is Hard to Find.[3] In June 2009, CB entered into a partnership with basketball player Shaquille O’Neal to produce and distribute the All Star Comedy Jam series.[4] Featuring some of the most celebrated stand-up comics. The first installment of the series premiered on Showtime on June 17, 2009, and was directed by Leslie Smalls.[5] The second installment of the All Star Comedy Jam series was filmed on June 26, 2009 in Miami and premiered December 5, 2009.[6]


Vivendi Entertainment[edit]

CodeBlack is in a multi-year North American distribution partnership with Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment (GVE). Vivendi Entertainment was a division of Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD). UMGD is the US sales and distribution division of Universal Music Group. Gaiam Inc. acquired Vivendi Entertainment.

Vision Films[edit]

It has established a strategic distribution partnership with international licensing company Vision Films (VF). VF will handle licensing of a select group of CodeBlack titles to key international territories. Vision Films is an independent, worldwide distributor of Feature Films, Documentary Specials, Series, Music, and Reality Programming. Vision Films licenses all available Television, Video/DVD, and New Media rights to both the International and Domestic markets.

Boss’N Up, 7eventy5ive, Preaching to the Choir and Steve Harvey’s Don’t Trip are CodeBlack properties under the management of Vision Films.

CodeBlack Interactive[edit]

CodeBlack Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of CodeBlack Enterprises LLC. CBI’s focus is on aggregating content rights and selling its robust library of digital video programming across all available digital platforms. CodeBlack Interactive has acquired all of CodeBlack Entertainment’s current and future digital rights and is aggressively pursuing and acquiring digital rights to third party content on a going forward basis. CBI’s partners include pure play digital retailers, DVD retailers who have added a digital component, mobile companies and retailers with emerging business models that take advantage of the increasing acceptance of digital formats.

CodeBlack Interactive’s digital library consists of more than 50 video programs.

CodeBlack Interactive is also the creator and developer of CodeBlackTV, the world's first on-demand broadband network devoted exclusively to serving fans of black film.[citation needed]


It currently has a partnership with Hulu to deliver original content focused on the urban demographic through its CodeBlackTV Channel on the Hulu Website.

Lionsgate Films[edit]

On May 3, 2012, Lionsgate Films joined forces with CodeBlack Enterprises' CEO Jeff Clanagan by creating CodeBlack Films. CodeBlack Films will be based at Lionsgate.[7]

Original productions[edit]

  • Don't Trip ... He Ain't Through with Me Yet (2006)
  • I Tried (2007)
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find (2008)
  • President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey (2009)
  • All Star Comedy Jam (2009)
  • All Star Comedy Jam 2 (2009)
  • Mama, I Want to Sing! (2009)
  • Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy (2009)[8]

Distributor titles[edit]

  • Playas Ball (2003)
  • Neo Ned (2005)
  • On the One (2005)
  • Shadowboxer (2005)
  • Bloodline (2005)
  • Constellation (2005)
  • The Salon (2005)
  • Confessions (2006)
  • 500 Years Later (2006)
  • My Brother (2006)
  • Dirty Laundry (2006)
  • Don't Trip – He Ain't Through with Me Yet (2006)
  • Cheech Marin & Friends: Live from South Beach (2006) (TV)
  • Premium (2006)
  • Sinbad Afros and Bellbottoms (2006)
  • Restraining Order (2006)
  • God's Waiting List (2006)
  • Sinbad Nothin' But the Funk (2007)
  • Sinbad Son of a Preacherman (2007)
  • Divine Intervention (2007)
  • Somebody Help Me (2007)
  • Father of Lies (2007)
  • The Box (2007)
  • All About Us (2007)
  • Young Cesar (2007)
  • I Tried (2007)
  • 7eventy 5ive (2007)
  • 4 Life (2007)
  • Dirty Laundry (2007)
  • Sommore: The Queen Stands Alone (2008) (TV)
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find (2008)
  • Pressure (2009)
  • Cream (2009)
  • Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy (2009)[8]


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