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Codejock Software
Privately Held
Industry Software
Software Development
Founded 1998
Founder Kirk Stowell
Headquarters Morrice, Michigan, United States
Area served
Products Codejock Toolkit Pro [1]
Codejock Suite Pro [2]
Slogan Professional GUI Experience.

Codejock Software is based in Morrice, Michigan USA and provides reusable software components that enhance the Graphical User Interface of Windows Desktop Applications. Codejock components help to facilitate rapid GUI development using Visual C++, MFC, ActiveX and .NET Framework technologies.

Founded in 1998, Codejock Software is a member of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program and has been developing reusable software components for over 20 years. The company is best known for their component libraries Codejock Toolkit Pro for MFC [3] (aka Xtreme Toolkit Pro) and Codejock Suite Pro for ActiveX [4] (aka Xtreme Suite Pro).

Codejock has received various awards for their software products and services including The Code Project Members Choice Award for C++/MFC Components,[1] ComponentSource Top Publisher / Best Selling Product[2] and Software Development Productivity Award[3] and article publications such as the one in PowerBuilder Journal [4] about using Codejock products to implement custom calendar component.

However, as of May 2015, it appears that CodeJock keeps selling their products but does not supply any support, despite claims made on their website. Many reports of bugs and problems are ignored by staff on all support channels, and customers are left on their own.

Codejock Software products and evaluation versions are available for download on the company’s website [5].


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