Codename: Robotech

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Codename: Robotech
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Ippei Kuri
Produced by Carl Macek
Ahmed Agrama
Kenji Yoshida
Written by Carl Macek
Music by Ulpio Minucci
Distributed by USA ADV Films
Australia Madman
Release dates March 1985 (USA)
2001 (DVD)
Running time 73 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Codename: Robotech is an animated pilot that preceded the original 1985 Robotech television series. It is set within the events of the First Robotech War.


The 73-minute pilot was a greatly extended version of Gloval's Report, the fourteenth television episode that summarizes the beginning of the series. It was aired on some television stations before the broadcast of the series in 1985.

Home video release[edit]

Codename: Robotech was included on DVD as an extra with the first volume of the Robotech Legacy Collection and the complete Protoculture Collection, from ADV Films.[1] The disc includes the option of audio commentary by producer Carl Macek and was also released in Australia by Madman Entertainment.


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