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Codenvy Logo.jpg
Developer(s) Codenvy
Stable release 2.12.1 / 12 Mar 2014
Operating system Cross-platform
Type DevOps

Codenvy is an SaaS developer environment that allows developers to create hosted environments optimized for creating, editing, compiling, testing and debugging applications authored in different programming languages. A SaaS developer environment has many clients, and can be accessed from a Command-line interface, a browser, through an Application Programming Interface (API), or a traditional desktop IDE.


In January 2013, Codenvy raised $9M from several investors including TOBA Capital and Auriga Partners. At this time, Tyler Jewell, Toba Capital Partner, joined as founder and CEO.[1][2][3]

In May 2013, Codenvy competed in the Under the Radar conference, and won both the Judges and Audience awards in the Cloud Services category.[4]

In September 2013 Codenvy's architecture was made public.[5][6]

Codenvy was named an SDTimes Company to Watch for 2014.[7]


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